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Lydell A. Jackson

Lydell A. Jackson

Lydell A. Jackson

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Thought of the Moment:
"The power of the ballot we need in sheer defense, else what shall save us
from a second slavery?"

~W. E. B. Du Bois~

What will we pass on to the generations that will follow? Our blood sweat and tears have stained every corner of the earth. There has been no society untouched by our people. One would assume, that being a matter of record and truth, we would have at our disposal more material affluence than the families of the Egyptian Pharaohs at their zenith. Would that not be a fitting reality for such sacrifices to humanity? Absolutely! However, as you well know, the truth of the matter is we are by and large the materially poorest of the poor in any nation. We still suffer psychologically from a history of inflicted trauma (some self-inflicted). We are among the least educated and for the most part dysfunctional. That being said the question still remains. What legacy will we leave behind?

I say to you, we still have an extraordinary "Legacy" to pass on to those that follow. It is not a material legacy. It is not money, land, diamonds or gold. Without question we have something of far greater charge. We have intellectual gifts of strength, hope, courage and survival that have been given us inherently by our ancestors. These are the rocks on which we stand. They are the pillars that support our house. We have forgotten much, but what we can remember is potent and will give lift to the spirit of future generations. All we need do is tap our communal memories, share the collective wisdom of our history and take affirmative action toward influencing the behaviors of those around us.

Unlike in the definition of the word "Legacy", it is life and not death that gives us every opportunity to communicate our "Legacy". While we are living we should capture every moment and use that instant to share the mental strengths we’ve inherited. Practically all or predecessors possessed what we need for survival today. Our trials are both present and yet to come. We may continue to exist individually but we will not survive culturally as a people if we don’t share our collective knowledge.

It is my optimism, my hope and my expectation that this digital journal will be yet another vehicle for the advancement of the "Legacy" of our people with which we have been entrusted. Read, listen and scrutinize the words here carefully and share them frequently. Add your knowledge and understanding. We are indispensable vessels to building an enduring "Living Legacy".

Lydell Jackson
Creative Director/Editor



To the children of the Diaspora
undeservingly lost each day.

Blog Posts

Only Light - Directed By Evita Castine - USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA)



Our own Evita Castine who is currently directing the University of Southern California movie, Only Light, is credited as a writer, producer, photographer, and Emmy award-winning producer.


Her first year film at USC, Saudade has played at several film festivals in Chicago, New York, Louisville, Martha’s Vineyard, the Art Institute of Chicago, and was also included in the ACT Now’ Foundation’s New Voices in Black Cinema at BAM Cinematak in Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Academy of Music). Saudade was recently selected to play in a 20-year retrospective of African-American short films at the S.E. Manley Film Festival in Hollywood. Her other films Free Meal and Crown and Glory have both shown on network television programs including BET’s “Lens on Talent” and Aspire TV’s “American Black Film Festival Independent.” Furthermore, Evita holds a Masters of Arts in Journalism from the University of Iowa.


Only Light is a film about the unseen and dehumanizing world of International Human Sex Trafficking in the United States and essentially asking the audience to take their blinders off. This photo taken by was shot on location at the South Coast Botanic Garden in Los Angeles, California. The goal was to create the character's homeland: the Congo. "It has been both a challenge and an adventure to make this happen.


As you probably know, Los Angeles looks nothing like the lush green forests of the Congo; however, with determination, creativity and a…


Posted by COLOREDPEOPLE.NET on April 27, 2014 at 10:10pm

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"My People"

Living Legacy Journal was designed as one of many digital vehicles that will help us tell the truth about the history of the world and the role of Africans in it. The real "Legacy" left behind and the responsibilities of it's inheritors, "The Diaspora". Please join us and participate in the re-education of our children in a way that honestly gives them the correct view of who they are in the world and the universe. Share your insights and inspirations with all that are truly interested in the future of humanity. You are the inheritor of a powerful, loving and enduring legacy. With that inheritance comes a basic responsibility to coming generations.

Enjoy watching the video by Al Fisher scored with a rhythmically and lyrically inspiring song by Raheem DeVaughn. Then get busy sharing and educating with truth and focused purpose at:

It's Free! Join today. Recieve "Universal Soul Music Community" via email. The encredible full resolution (1280x768 px) image for your screens background image (two more custom background images coming soon). If you are already a member simply blog or post a relevant video and share your insights and you could receive a free copy as well.

Low res example of Wallpaper below.

Posted by Lydell Jackson on February 7, 2014 at 1:16am


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