Greetings conscious as well as unconscious minds. I know the last two blogs I posted on Barak Obama and our society were head knockers. I didn't want to leave any of you hanging with questions on "what should we do now?" I have turned over that question in my mind frequently. Through much thought and deliberation, I have found what I would like believe is: "The answer." When we think of time, many of us have been mis-educated into seeing the subject of the past, present, and future as separate entities. In truth, they are all connected. There is a wise saying: "If you have no conception of your past, you can't have any concept of your future." Keeping that in mind, I have spent a lot of time in studying the past in order to formulate a plan for the future. I took this approach because I wanted to learn as much as I could from our ancestors. I wanted to learn how to maximize their successes while minimizing their mistakes in applying the methods they used to achieve them triumphs they made against a common enemy.
We are living in a day and age that has been void of true leaders in the positions where we need them the most for longer than I care to remember. Although many of us are starved for a "Messiah" to come and "lead us" to only God knows what, we need to move away from that mentality altogether. We don't need a leader. We need leaders. We need to stop having this attitude of "wanting to be led" and start becoming as well as raising up leaders for the present and the future. We have had many prophets come and go throughout history. Yet every time a man or woman rises up and shows that he/she just might have what it takes to bring us together as a people, our enemies make sure that those leaders meet an untimely death. They have done this all throughout history. They have taken down men such as MLK, Malcolm X, Octavius Catto, and a long list of foreign government leaders who would not conform to the plans of the wealthy. Well my friends, I have come up with a solution to that problem. It is their belief that "If you cut off the head, the body will crumble." So far, that philosophy has served them well. My answer to that is: "If we give them more heads than they can afford to chase, they won't know in which direction to attack." That will leave them with but 2 options: Either they will conform to the path of the righteous, or they will become extinct. My guess is the latter. The type of men I am talking about are some of the most greedy, heartless, cutthroat individuals that have ever walked the face of the earth. These men do not understand the concept of love, or peace. There is but one thing that registers with them very quickly: You literally breaking your foot off in their behinds. They have set the stage for our own destruction as a species. Bottom line, they have got to go in order for us to survive.
Along with raising leaders, we need to reastablish our spiritual connection to the Creators of the universe. That is the source of our strength and our true identity. We have been misled on an incredibly long journey by the hands of our oppressors. They gave us religion in place of our African spirituality in order to change the very fabric of our being. Thus setting the stage for the transformation process of us as a people to go from spiritual vessels to "niggas." We need to get back to the Kemetic sciences of our Egyptian ancestors. Instead of focusing on the titles of what we desire to be, we should be more concerned with becoming the essence of what those titles were meant to represent. It does no good to give ourselves the titles of being a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Witness if we don't reflect the substance of the spiritual message that connects them all. In their feeble attempt to understand "God," our enemies have taken away our spirituality and replaced it with religion, education, science, economics, government, and philosophy. These are all vehicles made by our oppressors in their efforts to perceive the unseen forces that shape the universe we live in. In the process of gathering information from their research, they have amassed a great number of facts, but regardless of how reliable those facts may be, they don't give the human mind the possession of the science nor does the accumulation of ideas about religion give them the possession of a religion. If I can quote Ra Un Nefer Amen: "It is only when the facts concerning nature, or the ideas about a religion  are linked to each other, and to the whole, that a science, or a religion is formed." Translation: Truth is always linked to nature, or "natural order." All of the man-made institutions I just mentioned are presented to the masses as "logical explanations" of the subjects they embody, but in truth they do not possess the very things they supposedly "define." In fact, they are "illogical." They go against logic instead of flowing with logic. The train wreck of a world we live in is all the proof you need to come to that conclusion. I will close with this. The reason I said we need to move away from the mentality of looking for a leader and migrate to one that creates "leaders" is because the world we live in is too big for only one pair of hands to spin. If only two hands were needed, that pair would be the only one here. Isn't that logical...?

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Interesting comentary brother Joeseph. However, I'm always a little skeptical when anyone says they have "THE ANSWER". You see your answer is in most cases, is just answer for you, and may not be the answer for everyone else. Sometimes we all need to find our own answer and if that anwer is the same as another's answer, they both have benefited together in that answer. The satisfaction in an aquired answer should be formost for self. Maybe it is better expressed by saying, "This is what I've found to be true for me." 


For instance; not all are connected nor will all be inclined to connect to "Yahweh". Is there no hope for all those meek and honest hearted ones who desire a better world but are not connected to Yah? I'd like to think that in his infinate wisdom and mercy "Yah" understands our limitations as well as our strengths and will in his kindness bring us all to a different level of understanding without religious labels (most of which we do not ever agree upon enough to even call them by the same name). In my mind that is starting off divided and can never end whole. No matter the label, I do agree with your commentary on "Leadership".


We are all have warrior/leadership potential...everyone that is born through the womb of a woman has greater power than we ever project in this corrupted system. Leadership should be a responsibility of and a natural course for each of us. It is a part of how we show appreciation/gratitude for the gifts in spirit given to us by "Yah" (the universal giver of all energy and powers). It is the hight of ingratitude when we fail to use the energy given us to become proper leaders. Everything hinges on our personal leadership choices as they are connected to our own abilitiy to display humility, compassion and love.

You are so right when you say...We are the ones we are waiting for! We are the leaders of tomorrow. Lead by example. Lead in Love. There are always those who will follow your example, good or bad, like it or not...


Check out the new group "New Earth" would love to hear your thoughts on the material there...


Peace, Love and Courage my dear Brother

Greetings brother Lydell. Thank you for your response. To answer your question regarding "Is there no hope for all those meek and honest hearted ones who desire a better world but are not connected to Yah?" Let me start off by saying I have transcended my understanding of Yah from seeing Him/Her as a God of Judgment into one of "life." If the Creators of our universe are the embodiment of life, then They are also a way of life itself. That being said, I don't believe that Our Creators send us to a place called "hell." We do a good enough job of that on our own. The meek and good hearted do not have to have the title of Yah in order to be connected to Yah. Their pattern of life is what defines that. Not the title or man's definition of what "being connected to Yah" is. The meek and kind hearted are already the spiritual vessels they need to be because they are not defined by the titles of man but by their actions. As far as "hope" goes, none of us will have any "hope" if nothing is done about the men who are taking all hope from us. When I say Yah, I am only speaking from the name I have come across in my journey. Some may know the Creators as "Buddha" while others may know them as "Rah," "Allah," or "Krishna." Again, the title is not as important as the substance behind it. I'm always glad to converse with you my brother, and honored to break bread at anytime.





Thank you my brother for that explaination of your understanding of "Yah". I've never heard the expression "Yahweh" explained in that manner (I like the your conclusion). I've only been exposed to traditional views of "Yah and Jah". Your explination makes a world of difference in how your words are recieved. I would probably not assume that others will readily recognize your understang without some guidance. I belive it will also matter to those who's journey has not taken them to the place you are in your trancendence. It is always important to begin to assist others where they are and not expect them to leap to the level they are not closely familiar with. I recognize the power of the universe that you call Yah and others have given titles and proper names in order to feel more connected in the internal and external spirit. I also recognize that the reference in any language or culture to that universal force is really not important. I am happy to better understand you my brother and your journey. You too are always welcome at my table!


Peace, Love and Courage my dear brother

Thank you for that insight brother Lydell and I am editing what I wrote so that it is better understood as well. Sometimes I get ahead of myself LOL. Much appreciated brother for keeping me in line. LOL
Rather deep... it would be nice if we started taking care of our children.
  I assume that you are doing your part brother Juan...but when you say our children...where does that expression begin and where does it end. In this context, one might ask; Who really are "our children"? Is there a child that doesn't belong to us all? I agree with you it would be nice and it is nice, for there are millions of children being taken care of as we speak. I think we can always do more. I have to make sure I am doing my part with those children closest to me (my own and in my community). Then I can expand that cirlcle.


    What a wonderful subject to explore - The Answer. In many ways, I must agree with Brother Joseph. We must become LEADERS - examples of real men and women, shaped in the image of God. In other words, we a images of the Almighty. Satan, the ruler of this world, has created a system of things that has caused us to feel powerless, fearful and weak. This is an illusion. The Almighty Yah has created us in His image and we should reflect that image in our daily walk.

   However, as Brother Lydell puts it, all of us do not know Yah. Nevertheless, we are peace loving, kind and gentle folk who simply want to be allowed to live and let live. We recognize that something is terribly wrong with this world as it is today. Too many have too little, while a few seem to want to hog it all. Waging war upon countries who have done nothing to merit such violence, is simply murder in plain English. Nevertheless, we are repulsed by this conditions we see and wonder what can we do? 

   We must become leaders also, for we too, are children of God and are made in His image. We should be willing to stand up on our own two feet and speak truth to power whenever and wherever we see injustice. It is the least we can do. Interestingly, it is precisely what Yah asks of all of us - love your neighbor as yourself. 

   Thus, I tend to agree with my brothers, Lydell and Joseph. We are being challenged to become true sons of the Most High by making Him proud of us. We do that by following His commandments written upon our hearts - our conscience. Further refinement and direction to train our conscience is found in The Word. 

   My hope is our collective consciences will be trained by the things we are hearing and learning from one another. May our collective hearts continue to be molded by our sharing with one another our personal expression and reflection of the Most High. Peace and blessings to all.

@ Bro Wes - In a non-churchified way, I say "AMEN"
"Nature puts out a trillion sperm cells in order to fertilize one egg. There are seven billion people on the planet, but it only takes one to change the world. Are you the one?" KRS ONE
I love that quote brother! You have some good ones no doubt. We are the ones dear brother. I am merely a small piece of the giant we could be if all were on the same page. I dream of the impact we will have once that day comes..

Here is a great interview I posted back in Janurary of KRS-One, in which he speaks about governments, people and power! "Human beings with human problems"...What will "hold us together"...The importance of "Community"... listen to the interviewers comments at the end...




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