Egypt - The events of the past few weeks in Egypt have not only gotten the world's attention, but have also inspired the oppressed in other nations to follow suit in an effort to bring change to the world as they know it as well. The reign of President Hosni Mubarak's regime came to an abrupt end on Feb.11 due to nation wide protesting for his resignation. When I saw this I couldn't help myself from going back and revisiting the "Change" speech by Obama. Americans aren't the only people who are tired of the status qua. Judging by the reaction in Libya I wouldn't be surprised to see this become a trend across the world, but even more so within countries where things like clean, hot running water are a luxury. Unfortunately, with energy companies taking advantage of the masses by price gouging (and showing no signs of letting up), rising taxes (yet continued tax breaks for the rich), and the escalating death of the middle class, we are coming closer and closer to the dangers that come from the repercussions of a revolution. As I walk down the street on a given day, I can't help but notice the facial expressions on many of the people I pass by. It's reminiscent of the training scene for Neo in the movie "The Matrix" when he is walking through a crowd of people (who look like zombies on an assembly line) before he's distracted by a lady in a red dress. Although civil unrest can be seen in just about every culture nowadays, there is a (not so subtle) difference between how Americans are responding to it vs the example of what we just witnessed in Egypt.

In this materialistic society we live in, many of the citizens of this country seem to be more concerned with finding the best bargain on consumer goods than they are with changing the world they live in. In order to see people rise up and come together on the issues that matter most, more often you will find them in parts of the world that are known more for their poverty than for anything else. America has become a different beast all together. People here will mobilize and come together to protect their beloved dogs, and line up outside of local Apple Stores across the country the night before the release of the new iphone in order to be one of the 1st buffoons to have one before they will lift a finger on issues of more importance. 2008 we witnessed the tragedy of a Wal-Mart employee in Long-Island who was trampled to death by the mob of holiday shoppers who couldn't wait to get in. As if that wasn't enough, an 8 month pregnant woman had a miss-carriage at the same location after being knocked out by the same crowd. While Americans fight over "who can be the first to get a microwave for 30 dollars," people in third world nations are fighting for better living conditions and better leaders for the benefit of humanity. Very few comparisons are more utterly ridiculous when describing a difference in mentality and the placement vs the misplacement of moral values. So what do we really need to do to bring "change?" Is a revolution the real answer? What works for the goose isn't always what will work for the gander. Especially when dealing with the kind of globe trotters who will kill by the thousands and then go pour themselves a glass of scotch while smoking a cigarette without a second thought in regard to the trail of weeping widows, and fatherless they left behind.

While many of us look to the leaders who are in front of us and doing our best impersonation of a homeless person "waiting for change," we continue to miss who the true masterminds are behind 90% of the troubles we face. "There is a throne behind the throne." The next time you turn on your TV set to watch a speech from your "World leaders," before you get mad at them and waste your time with petitioning to them for improving your quality of life, understand that there are people in this world who have enough money to buy their own country.....Literally. When you have that kind of power, you can make the truth, the law, and the news whatever you say they are. In order to beat those kinds of odds, you have to throw conventional thinking out of the window. You have to elevate your mindset to a plain that will produce the answers you need to conquer the problems you face. Why go to an official to petition on your behalf for your cut of the "American Dream" when he/she works for the people who gave you the "American Nightmare?" Those who are responsible for giving you the nightmare have no intentions of giving you anything that resembles a "dream." In fact, they (Your oppressors) believe that their life of luxury has to come at your expense. I know that this bit of news can be depressing for the common soul, but with every problem, there is always a solution.

If we can't go to our leaders to improve our lives, then where can we go? The problems of the world (as we know it) have always been born from the same source. Money. The same people who created the clean streets of New Hampshire, are the same people who created the ghettos of Detroit. The same people who created the gated communities of the rich are the exact same people who made the slums of the poorest neighborhoods in America and around the world. It's all relative. We all have a common enemy. Anytime you have 90% of the world's wealth controlled by 10% of the world's population you have a major problem. Especially when those with the resources to create and control nations also have the power to commit genocide against people for no other reason other than color, religious beliefs, or political views. 911 was a prime example of this ugly, undeniable truth. That one, single act of barbaric brutality transported Muslims back into the dark ages of the 40s and reflected a time that many African Americans in this country know all too well. Ten years removed from that tragedy and Muslims are still treated like second class citizens. Some have been refused service at hotels and restaurants while others are singled out at airports for the infamous: "He fit the description." Sound familiar? It should if you fall into the category of a person of "color."

So what's the answer to the madness? I mentioned money earlier for a reason. "Money" is one of the things that gives those who oppress their power, and money is the very thing we must take away from them in order to bring them down. How do we do that you ask? By not spending your money on the products they provide for you that are deemed "wants" and instead, start investing your resources in the things that are "needs." Educate yourself on your constitutional rights. Even more importantly, start recognizing your God given rights. The other power they use against us is their knowledge of the spirit world and how to use it's forces against us. You can see how important it is in the symbolism they use on the back of dollars bills and political offices. Ironically, the spirit realm is the one place many of us have not looked to in order to address the problems they present. They gave us "religion" as a deterrent while they use spirituality to stay in there positions of power. I know this is a big pill to swallow for many of you, nevertheless it's knowledge I hope you will use to set yourself free. When we as a people put aside our differences, and prioritize the important matters of the heart, real progress is made. Right now, nothing is more important than dealing with the people who are still giving us the "nightmare."

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Thanks Lydell & Joseph, and yes I concur also,

My message is "We have no cons-titutional rights", because the constitution was written to limit the Government and they have to swear an Oath to uphold the cons-titution and protect and defind it,  (not us).

Yes we do not get our rights from men but from our Creator.

But we have been marching and demanding (civil rights) not knowing what they are.

It is up to us to "Know thyself"  sense we have been hit in the head and have amnesia we have bascially given up our rights due to deception. The world is ruled by ideas, and those who have been perpetuating or should I say manipulationg the minds of men and women with ideas by playing with the language, have con-fused by design and codified the confusion into the "law". So now we must make new law, IE rule by introducing some new ideas...

(thoughts) intentions determinations, invocations, decrees, etcetera

Victorious one



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