They have a slavish nature, which makes them ideally suited for the divine role that our Lord has assigned to them. Subservience has its place in the divine order of things, and they were sent here to serve us, the same way Abraham’s sheep served him. Yes, they are mentally dull, but they can learn to excel in all things physical if externally directed and coerced with constant physical corrections. They are naturally covetous of our white women, and therein lies the potential for ruin brought on by those that advocate abolition.

Do we truly wish to see our women raped, our children murdered, our land and property burned to ashes? Let us remember that we speak of Africans here. They lived as savages and heathens before we accepted the directives of manifest destiny and brought them here. We introduced them to civilization and taught them to fear the Lord. Does this not suffice?

For if we strive to make them something other than the Creator intended, we will bring God’s wrath down upon all of us. The Lord will smite us through the fists of those that he has sent here to serve us. I am sending forth abjuration that it is not the law of man that holds the African enslaved; it is Divine Law established by the Creator of Heaven and Earth. And what God has wrought together is not for man to pervert. Let not the fists of our slaves become the hammer of Gods’ wrath. Let them not unmake us. Let them not destroy us. Let them not consume us from off the face of the earth and cast us into a darkness bleaker than the dark continent itself.

Gentlemen, when we speak of Freedom so eloquently -- from this day forward, let it be understood that we speak of Freedom for white men. And when we write about Freedom so passionately -- from this day forward, let it be understood that we write about Freedom for white men. And when we pray for the Lord’s forbearance at our bedsides at night, let us pray for ourselves -- for our own white salvation.

Father Jonas Bronc, 1763
Founder of Broncsland, later renamed The Bronx.

Excerpted from the book Stoneheart: The Bronx

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Excellent excerpt KT!

While it is disconcerting it is not a surprising mindset for the time period in which it was penned. This was not what I expected from the book "Stoneheart: The Bronx." I look forward to reading more...

The unfortunate reality of these words are still deeply rooted in many minds to this day. That is what is "CHILLING" to my soul. To know that men have not improved their understanding of one another enough to undo this mental sickness.

This mentality is why it pains me so deeply when I see so many of our young folks acting a fool and being disrespectful... they don't seem to value life, they are literally killing eachother in the streets. What would this man see if he came back today and went to the bronx?????????? @^$^$%@#@#&%&%^&
So true. One area where we can see this so clearly is when it comes to reading. Illiteracy in America is no longer the problem. Instead, "aliteracy" is a far bigger problem -- those that can read but don't. Slaveowners understood the connection between reading and freedom, that's why they made it a crime. Today, this young generation is doing it to themselves. Ignorace has re-enslaved them and yet they run around thinking they are free. There are more blacks in prison now than there were ever slaves. I had a young 21 year old fool on my job tell me he has never encountered racism in NYC, yet I am the only black manager in the entire company. What a fool!
Sharing to this to my fellow Africans! Wow! And now we have armies of African Christians - wonder whatthey will make of this.
I personally do not think much has changed from this teaching - it is widely protected and passed on through various European 'culture' houses and royalty. Come to England and experience it in the media and papers - hidden but there for the learned eye to discern. I had the chance to learn it first hand while reading for my History MA here, the same argument this racist gives here has been used again and again at each stage in our development from being slaves. The above was used to enslave us. After abolition, the argument used was that we needed time under the white men, as colonies, to learn his religion and customs because we never had any. After we fought for independence, it was argued that we are non-democratic (only if we demanded our land back) and that the UN and NGOs must come feed us while others control our land and resources. (Haiti is being turned this way right now)

We keep buying into these excuses, believing these insults are justified by the behaviour of our youth at our own peril. The truth that we were the forebearers of knowledge, religion and philosophy in Egypt is hidden, so is the evidence left for us by our ancestors. We should be reading the findings that assoicate us with the golden age of the Pharoahs more and more and encourage a revival among us which in turn will imbue our kids with self pride. No other education is vital other than that of knowing who we were, and still are.
@Mbarika. Thanks for your insightful comment. I think you're right On Point by calling for a revival among us and pinpointing mis-education by design as the culprit. Ignorance in America is rising like a Tsunami. We all have to do our part to fight back the tide. I must have you as a friend and ally.



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