Where's My 40 Acres & My Mule

There are some issues need addressing
some sins that need confessing
Truth is I’ve been used like a tool
for all these years I’ve worked
yet I’m still being jerked
Where are my 40 acres and my mule

The Pope confessed his dirt
to the millions the Vatican hurt
to the Jews who lost there lives in the holocaust
but not once has he mentioned
its slave-trading dimension
or the 100 million African souls lost

Tell me how long will these nations
continue their starvation
of those on whose backs they were built
How long will white lies
flourish while a black dies
Tell me, how much more blood must be spilt

I’m tired of playing the fool
What happened to the golden rule
Tell me, where are my 40 acres and my mule
Where’s my 40 acres and my mule?

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See what I'm SAYIN!!!!!
Great piece Ty...I wonder if we will EVER find out "where's my 40..." Will we ever get reparations in any form or fashion???
Thanks Aesha, I appreciate the compliment.

As to your question, I think the quick answer is YES.
I believe we will receive reparations although not in the form of any kind of compensatory check or anything. I think we will receive reparations when we repair the damages done to our mental state. I think we have to learn how to love instead of hate ourselves, otherwise any thing in the way of compensation would just revert back to where it came from.

The whole notion of REPARATIONS is so complex and America is so ingrained in racism that it would take another century to sort out who should be compensated. In the mean time there are enough resources for us to repair ourselves if we can raise our self-esteem high enough to take advantage of them. A great many black people in America, especially those of us who are stuck in the hood, are so full of self-loathing that we can’t even stop killing each other, let alone come together on the issue of reparations.

The thorough job of brain washing done to strip us of our customs, culture and traditions has been extremely affective and until we regain the pride and dignity that was beaten out of us during slavery we will be hard pressed to agree on anything. And that was the plan. Whether we agree that Willie Lynch actually existed or not, there is no question that the concept of Willie Lynch is in full affect. So we have to combat all the issues that come with self-loathing before we can come back to that mind-state that we had when we were a pride-full, stately people. It is very hard to love your self when you were taught that you are coons and jiggaboos and hatched from buzzard eggs.

That is why my mission is to get us to remember who we are. Remember that we built this country and gave her all of her innovations then provided the free labor to put those innovations in to affect and make America what she is.
So, I think we will receive reparations, but only when we are in the position to repair ourselves.

What do you think?

Ty, I think you hit it right on the head when you said, "there are enough resources for us to repair ourselves."  The US government will not do this for us.

I was listening for Farrakhan's press conference about the situation in Libya the other day.  During his talk, he reiterated his position on reparations.  He basically said that the US should give us some land on US soil for us to create our own black nation using the Koran as our constitution.  Then the US government should put us on their welfare roles for the next 25 years until we are self-sufficient. 

This made me think about the lost potential of the Million Man March.  The minister called for one million, and we all know that nearly 2 million showed up.  It's estimated that each participant spent at least one hundred dollars around that event if you figure in food, lodging, transportation, and spending on incidentals.  So let's call that 200 million dollars!.  How much land can you buy with 200 million dollars?  In my home state of PA, a hell of a lot.  How many viable businesses can you launch with 200 millon dollars?  Again, plenty.  So why wasn't that vision articulated and projected?  The solution and the resources, both human and potential were right there staring the minister in the face.  At the end of the day was the Millon Man March an ego trip. and empty show of force?  If not, then where was the call to action -- concrete and sustained action?  To me, the event fell far short of its potential.

For an organization that preaches self reliance and separation, the idea of asking the enemy for assistance is not only repugnant but very puzzling.  It makes me question Farrakhan's sincerity.  That's right, I said it.

With just the membership of Living Legacy -- look at the knowledge, skills, spirituality, consciousness and vision expressed on these pages on a weekly basis.  This could be the foundation for whatever.  Together. we can do miracles.  So, let's do for self.  Set it off! 

Great post Ty and Kevin...Thank you for your insights! I could not agree with you more Kevin. While I agree with much of Farrakhan's message, he still makes me feel uneasy about his real intentions. With the power that exist already in the Nation of Islam, I would expect to see much greater results than what I see at present.


I always thought "The Nation" was one of the premier advocates of selfreliance in the African-American comunity. The Nation of Islam has contributed greatly to improving the mental and physical state of Black Folk in America and that can not be denied. However, to ask for, or even demand assistance from your oppressor is foolish talk. Kevin - your outline of how simple it would be to raise needed capital to build our own communities (based on the simple formula of 2 million men) is a perfect example of our collective power, when we deside to wake ourselves from our slumber (collectively). When we become determined to take care of our own and stop talking and start planning and then acting on those plans for a better future.


I am so grateful that you both are here and sharing your knowledge with others who are members and those who just visit on occassion. I hope Living Legacy Journal will become one of many foundations for the launching of a new era that not only wakes us from our comatose state, but lifts the collective Diaspora to their rightfull place in the universe.





Greetings Ty, thanks for sharing a very thought provoking poem, brings to my mind, 40 acres & a mule won't be enough now, they waited way to long, I demand our Reparations, so we can choose to be long gone.

After living in Ghana for 3,5 yrs and now being back in the snakes for 3 yrs, even with red dirt roads in from of my house in Ghana,  I was the happiest, most peaceful, healthy and content I have ever been in my whole life. I'm 63 now. We as a people will never know peace in America. We will not be whole until we have our own.


International Gangsters


I want my own!
Love Lady Day! She still lives.
i wouldnt hold my breath waithing for it under the circumstances. We wont prosper unless we can do it on our own strength. We will get no help from our enemies. That is no surprise. That is the way of the world we have to rise out of the ashes by ourselves or we can kiss our you know what good bye.



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