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Thoughts on the effects of slavery and sharecropping on the psyche of Africans in America. Are we still mentally enslaved to a different master? Share your insights and expressions.

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Where's My 40 Acres & My MuleThere are some issues need addressingsome sins that need confessingTruth is I’ve been used like a toolfor all these years I’ve workedyet I’m still being jerkedWhere…Continue

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They have a slavish nature, which makes them ideally suited for the divine role that our Lord has assigned to them. Subservience has its place in the divine order of things, and they were sent here…Continue

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Started by Lydell Jackson. Last reply by Ty Gray-EL May 27, 2009.

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Comment by Lydell Jackson on April 23, 2011 at 2:59pm
Brother Wes - Thank you for sharing that information with Brother Ty...please feel free to post the links to more information about "A4V" as part of a blog here on Living Legacy (or where you see fit on the site). I'm sure that the information will be well recieved by those who are searching. Myself included : )...
Comment by Wes Barnard on April 23, 2011 at 2:32pm

Brother TY Gray-El,

Your poetry is moving and informative. With your permission, may I share at one of our local poetry readings? Of course, you will be acknowledged as the author of this moving work. Please advise?

   As for A4V, it is not a subject that can be covered in a few sentences. I will send you, off-blog a condensation from over 6 hours of transcription on the subject plus a link to a website for more information. Look for it. Peace and blessings to you and yours, my brother. 

Comment by Ty Gray-EL on April 23, 2011 at 6:02am

Sister Ngon'e and Brother Wes, thank you sincerely for your gracious acknowledgement. it is high time we move this dialog to action. I thoroughly enjoy the post I receive from you both and am continually educated and moved by them.


Brother Wes, can you expound on AV4 ? Truth be told, I have never heard of it.        

Comment by Ngon'e Aw on April 23, 2011 at 12:33am
Brother Wes ,all good points, but not your first statement to which I responded. Reparations can be given and distributed with guidelines and those who do not yet have the competency to use them correctly can be educated about how to handle their finances and supervised until they are competent. I'm for reparations now, thanks as always for your good ideas and for your reply
Comment by Wes Barnard on April 22, 2011 at 9:51pm

Dear Sister Ngone,

Like you, I greatly admired the powerful poem of Brother Ty-Gray El. Although I agree reparations are overdue for our people, my comments were meant to draw attention to opportunities that are available to us NOW.

   What good is millions of dollars in the hands of our people if they don't know what to do with it? How often have we seen our athletes, entertainers, lottery winners, etc., come into millions and a few years later, they have nothing?

   This is my point. Concentrate on breaking the chains on the minds of our people. Then, with just a little extra cash, our people will know exactly where to apply it for maximum benefit for all our people. 

   Imagine what our people can do with an 30-35% raise in the weekly paychecks. And what would happen when they understood how to use A4V and settle most of their debts? And what would happen if our people understood how to defend themselves when the banks try to foreclose on their home? What would that do to our peoples minds, their confidence in themselves? Could this be a beginning of breaking the chains off our peoples minds? 

   These are opportunities that our people can take advantage of right NOW and we don't need to ask for the white man's permission or largesse. However, these opportunities will require a price from each one of us -courage, determination, research, study and application of the strategies learned. 

   Yes, free the minds of our people and our people will rise to their proper position on the world stage. As Marcus Garvey once said, "Rise, you mighty people. Rise!"


Comment by Ngon'e Aw on April 22, 2011 at 1:48pm

Brother Ty, powerful story told by your poetic word, may I have permission to share acknowledging you as the author of course..?

and now this..with a sold out African leading the charge

Comment by Ty Gray-EL on April 22, 2011 at 7:16am

We Must Never Forget

(A Poetic Case for Reparations)


Denial is the longest river

its current always destroys

its shallow banks

refuse to give thanks

while exclusion and rejection’s employed


Now America has a problem

accepting the facts as they are

facing slavery’s truth

is repulsive, uncouth

and makes for an ugly memoir


Cause you traded in human beings

branded us like we were cows

then sold us like cattle

like no more than chattel

these facts you cannot disavow


And with all those acts of evil

you reveled in celebration

While you brutally castrated

we steadily donated

our blood, fertilized your plantations


You raped us, lynched us, butchered and burned

denied our human rights

we were tarred, feathered, skinned and spurned

you worked us by day and by night


In every aspect of industry

you thrived off the fruits of our labor

From apples to zinc

we’ve been the link

through slavery, America’s been favored


Socially, educationally, economically

                             you flourished while we were denied

yet, if it weren’t for us

this country ’d be dust

its commerce would surely have died


And for this you say you won’t pay

won’t even apologize

But why should you pay the debt

that your forefather’s let

Cause you prosper from all their lies


Indeed, “we must never forget,”

That’s a phrase we should all preserve

concerning lives that were lost

in the Jew’s Holocaust

and that’s no more than we deserve


So why should we forget ours

when monuments are built to theirs

Are they superior,

are we inferior

Were theirs better than our forebears


And please remember good people

their tragedy was on foreign soil

but the bodies of slaves

are in American graves

yet, few tributes to our turmoil


America you’d best wake up

cause Lazarus has risen from the gate

Pay the debt you owe

so the country can grow

and learn how to love ’stead of hate


We want our acres and our mule

You’ve had yours for generations

Now its time we were paid

from the fortunes you’ve made

its time for slave reparations


And we must never forget!

Comment by Ngon'e Aw on April 22, 2011 at 2:37am

Brother Wes, if you sent me the info about the taxes, I missed it, please share again, and in my humble opinion there is no bigger fish to fry, because we need to be in a healing environment to begin the process of breaking  those chains, just like those Hebrew Israelites are doing, and that takes resources. Now if you notice the list below, we ain't on it yet,

I think it is about time after 400 + years and continued checks stamped "insufficent funds" as MLK talked about. As you know from our recent studies over the past year since I met you , we worked all our lives and have never really been paid.  Why?  for those who may  not be aware, there is no money..BUT THERE IS "ACCESS TO OUR B.C. ACCOUNTS, "CREDIT"



This chart is taken from the booklet, Black Reparations Now! Part 1 40 Acres, $50.00 and a Muel by Dorothy Benton-Lewis, BRC; and borrowed from N'COBRA

History of Reparations Payments

1990 U.S.A $1.2 Billion or $20.000 Each JAPANESE AMERICANS
1990 AUSTRIA $25 Million to Holocaust Survivors JEWISH CLAIMS ON AUSTRIA
1988 CANADA 250,000 Sq. Miles of Land INDIANS & ESKIMOS
1986 U.S.A. $32 Million 1836 Treaty OTTAWAS OF MICHIGAN
1985 U.S.A. $12.3 Million SEMINOLES OF FLORIDA
1985 U.S.A. $105 Million SIOUX OF SOUTH DAKOTA
1980 U.S.A. $81 Million KLAMATHS OF OREGON
1971 U.S.A. $1 Billion + 44 Million Acres of Land ALASKA NATIVES LAND SETTLEMENT
1952 GERMANY $822 Million to Holocaust Survivors GERMAN JEWISH SETTLEMENT

Comment by Wes Barnard on April 22, 2011 at 12:35am

Reparations. Well now, this is one big can of worms. Although I in no way want to discourage the plea for reparations, I believe we have bigger fish to fry. 

   First of all, we must begin the painful process of breaking the mental shackles that still enslave us. What do I mean? Although technically 'free', we are still enslaved mentally. For example, I have attempted to share some new information I have recently discovered. Any US citizen can add 25-35% to their weekly pay checks by stop paying federal income taxes. All we have to do is buy a book, read it and take the required steps to insulate you from prosecution. The response? Only one person bothered to ask HOW?

   We have many ways in which we can help ourselves, but these ways require research, study, hard work and the courage implement novel new ideas to improve our situation.

   How is it we can spend hours on the basketball court, watching TV, or movies, or on the phone texting, etc., but are loath to spend 15 minutes per day trying to find a way to improve our lot in life?

   We can do anything we set our minds to do. God says so in His Word the Bible. God knows what we can accomplish, but we don't. I went to Israel to visit a group of African Americans who made up their minds to live this hell-hole and return to the Motherland. They have been there now for 40 years, enjoy a communal, interdependent lifestyle free of crime and disease. They and their children have a look in their eyes that says, "I know who I am. I have a solid relationship with God. I live in the Village of Peace and I am loved and protected." We could learn a lot from their example. 

   Let's go to work and quite whining. Peace and joy to all.

Comment by Lydell Jackson on March 21, 2011 at 1:32am

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