Black Women In Praise of Black Men


Black Women In Praise of Black Men

Guess what! This group is for WOMEN of the diaspora to express themselves as they honor the men who inspire them...SPECIAL BLACK MEN!

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Do you know any strong black men?

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Comment by Jon Vee on March 11, 2010 at 10:08am
I am new to this page but my father did not raise me nor did he come see me. But I had a grandfather who stepped right in. He let me know not to fault my father for his weakness. He said men go through some things sometimes that turn them completely around and they get lost. My grandfather taught me laughter and music. I was his first grandchild. He took me to his back yard where he grew his own food and we picked apples from the apple tree. I once saw a very large angry dog come at him and he pushed me away and stood his ground like some African warrior about to battle and as the dog jumped at his face he grab the dogs jaws and snapped it. This man was my father my grandfather he taught me love. I miss him. Other men in my life has not compared to this man today.
When it comes to calling a man a King I think of him
Comment by Aesha on December 27, 2009 at 7:37pm
Hmmm...I find it VERY interesting that this group has only 7 members...and inactive members at that. "Lucy, you got some splainin' to do"...LOL

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about my dear departed father...James Rafiq Rasul...He was Muslim, meaning he submitted his will to the will of God. He did that even before he knew he was Muslim. When he was 25 years old he realized that my mother, who had dropped me off for a visit, was not coming back. There he was with a little baby girl and not a clue. So he just submitted his will... I am so grateful that he did that. I was so blessed to be raised by him. My father was such a good man. Part of what made him good is that he was not always good. He grew into a good man...while I watched. He taught me so many to fix stuff and how to fix myself. One thing he told me that I will ALWAYS remember..."BEHAVE IN SUCH A WAY THAT IF SOMEBODY IS TALKING ABOUT YOU THEY ARE SAYING SOMETHING GOOD OR TELLING A LIE". I love my dad and I miss him so...I honor him and all "special" black men who take care of their business on a daily basis and too often don't get anything but the big piece of chicken! Peace...Aesha\o/
Comment by Bohemian Chick on April 9, 2009 at 11:36am
Author: Unknown

Untitled (Beautiful Black Man)

Beautiful black man

I watch you


chin up, proud

knowing that you

must work harder

than other men


be stronger


in your path

you keep

moving, fighting

knowing that you

must love harder

to kill these


that people have

"he's a criminal, a

deadbeat dad, he's


you bear the


of these barbs

for your brothers that


or won't fight

with you

"there are no good

black men left"

you hear them

you smile and

keep moving



strong, proud


black man

I watch you.
Comment by COLOREDPEOPLE.NET on March 31, 2009 at 11:23pm
Written by Karen K. Talley

Black Man
©2001, 2006 Karen K. Talley

The truth of the matter is
There is nothing more beautiful
Than a black man

Whether five-two or six-seven,
Yellow fabulous or chocolate heaven
There is nothing more beautiful
Than a black man

Long and lean
With deep brown eyes
Wavy hair or dreds
With strong thick thighs
There is nothing more beautiful
Than a black man

Bald head with goatee
Cornrows or a fade
A little thick, a little thin
Oh the choices to be made
There is nothing more beautiful
Than a black man

Scholarly or not
Wall Street or hip hop
I'll sing your praises
To the mountain top
Head of the home
Provider and love
Obedient son and loving brother
There's nothing more beautiful
Than a black man

A mighty provider you've proven to be
Sacrificing your life to keep me free
Working for crumbs
When the table is bare
Praising the Lord
Leading the family in prayer
There is nothing more beautiful
Than a black man

Holding my hand
When fear emerges
Remaining faithful, suppressing your urges
Proving your strength
By turning the other cheek
Having high hopes
When the situation is bleak
There is nothing more beautiful
Than a black man

Treating me like the queen
I was born to be
Never disrespecting, dishonoring, or disgracing me
Giving me credit when it is due
Oh, black man, how I honor you

There is nothing more beautiful
Than a black man!

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