With the alleged assassination of Bin Laden running on the front page of every paper around the world, people are rejoicing over an event they believe has redeemed them of a "common enemy." The timing of this "assassination" is impeccable. With the upcoming 2012 presidential election and recent slide of Obama according to the polls, I can't think of a better way to boost his chances of being reelected than to have the alleged "death" of the "number one terrorist in the world" happen on his watch. Is it really that hard to believe? I know many of you are asking: "Joseph why are you saying (Alleged) assassination?" My reasoning behind that is this: The only thing we really know about Bin Laden's life (or death) is what we are fed from the "news." Bin laden could have been dead 8 years ago and not one of us would know the difference now would we? At least not without being an eye witness to the accounts. Since 99.9% of us don't fall into that category, we are at the mercy of what is given to us by the "news." To add insult to injury, the government called this operation code name "Geronimo" and associated the name of a "terrorist" with that of one of America's true great heroes. Talk about a slap in the face to native Americans (many of whom who haven't forgotten how "America" sent them packing along the trail of tears) who no doubt have a different opinion of who the "real" "terrorists" of this world are.

If you haven't come to this conclusion about the media yet, understand this: It is a propaganda machine that feeds off of negativity. It gives you "stories" more often than it gives you "the truth." It's creator's main objective at the end of the day is to make money for it's owners, as well as misguide you by shaping your opinions with miss-information. This is mind control. I know many Americans want to celebrate the "death" of a figure deemed by our leaders as "Public Enemy #1," and won't even fathom the idea that an innocent man died for the crimes of 9/11. It's easier to believe the "boogie man is dead" and take the attitude that "Now we came put this behind us and move on with our lives" when your emotions are running high from the wounds of that event. A lot of angry Americans may be celebrating, but the truth is you should never allow yourself to be so consumed with rage that you lose the ability to use "critical thinking." If we think critically, there are just too many loose ends that don't make sense in all of this. For example: 1) The US accusing Bin Laden of the attacks, but then immediately going to war with Afghanistan and hanging Sadaam Hussein for "WMDs" which were never found. Yet no one asked the question: "Why are we chasing Sadaam when you (Mr President) said Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks?"
2) The "magic jet fuel" that was hot enough to bring down two buildings.
3) The fall of Building #7 from no contact with a plane.
4) The plane crash that hit the pentagon but left no "plane debri."
5) The coincidental deaths/disappearances of eye witnesses. (In particular Barry Jenkins, Deborah Palfrey, Bertha Champagne, and David Graham)

There is so much more but I think I have supplied enough food for thought on this. Many of you would like nothing more than to close this ugly chapter in American history and get on with your lives. The fear of a repeat of 9/11 is a troubling thought to all of us no doubt. But if you thought that a man like Bin Laden walking the earth was something to fear, what should concern you even more is the very real possibility that the real masterminds behind that attack are still very much alive and collecting your tax dollars..

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Great post Brother Joseph! Can you repost it on the Blog for Bin Ladin...I would like for others to see it and they may not catch it in this group alone...http://livinglegacy.ning.com/profiles/blogs/osama-bin-ladin-is-deadnow
Done brother. Thanks for the response. :)



Yes Brother Joseph, great post and even though the topic is very serious, you gave me a needed chuckle at the end,


"what should concern you even more is the very real possibility that the real masterminds behind that attack are still very much alive and collecting your tax dollars."


This is an excellent in depth interview  about the hoax:   Obama gets Osama

Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik:  drops the bomb!


Bingo I caught America in a lie again:




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