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Racism in America (USA) 1 Reply

Started by Lydell Jackson. Last reply by Lydell Jackson Aug 3, 2011.

Symbols/Icons of Racism 1 Reply

Started by Lydell Jackson. Last reply by Ngon'e Aw May 16, 2011.

Don't Beleive the Hype 4 Replies

Started by Joseph Jones. Last reply by Joseph Jones May 4, 2011.

This is absolutely ridiculous 2 Replies

Started by Joseph Jones. Last reply by Joseph Jones Feb 10, 2011.

Global Racism

Started by Lydell Jackson Oct 31, 2009.

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Comment by Joseph Jones on April 18, 2011 at 6:32pm
Greetings sister Ngon'e Aw. Thank you for your response. To answer you question, I admit I'm still deprogramming myself from this system of things and have an occasional "hiccup" or two every now and then. When I made the comment of regarding myself as an AA of mixed decent I did so for lack of a better term. I am fully aware that "race" is a relative term used by our oppressor to keep us in bondage with "word play." Thank you for pointing that out to me and I always receive your insight with love sweet sister. :)
Comment by Ngon'e Aw on April 18, 2011 at 6:10pm

Brother Joseph, please do not think I am writing this to attack you, I just want to bring out a point, by asking a question.


"As an "African American" of mixed decent"

Then why make a point to distinguish yourself as mixed?


There are not too many, if anyone on this continent that is not by now also mixed. 

” When your mind is free you will see the world the way it’s meant to be seen. Without color lines. Without hate. Without envy. To all that stop by to read this I wish you love, peace, and prosperity"

With love and respect

Comment by Lydell Jackson on April 18, 2011 at 4:18pm
Comment by Joseph Jones on March 30, 2011 at 3:07pm
Comment by Emilio Williams on December 21, 2010 at 6:14pm

Brother Joesph, I truly feel you. Our knee-jerk reactions provide substance to the myths and metaphors put forward by those who would consume our time with "reasonable doubts". Let me put this as plainly as I can for many are stuck in what they call the "past" with hopes of shaping what they consider the "future". What we have is "now". Quantum physics and others have previously demonstrated and put forward that time and space rhetoric is simply that. Maybe we will also have time to address cause and effect and the purpose they held before we knew what we know now. Thus, if we address "now" I reflect upon how do I relate to my grandsons "now". They are learning their history so that they understand how the matrix or hologram is constructed based upon BS (Belief Systems) that no one will take credit for. They will learn how to maximize the true "source" energy within (chi, spirit, breath, kingdom, tao, etc.) them that is not limited by that which is taught by the same system that oppresses. There is so much to say here and it was my hope that we might take a look at further understanding from the perspective put forward by David - a context for all of this beyond emotion. We know that it is not being taught in the schools and in some schools when it is taught it is at the dismissal of any others' reality or experience creating more separation. We had talked about doing a radio show where we can hold the beginnings of a discussion to delve in and explore more. Something more than hit and miss, hit and run, take a jab at a brother, pontificate, but a discussion that is respectful of disagreement for we can only be conscious of that which we are awakened to now. Thus, if brothers and sisters are reviewing these posts, I've mentioned it to David and Brother let me know when we want to begin this. It may start with 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 of us...but it will start. We can all throw up videos and quotes, however, at the end of the day do we have any better understanding of the issue and strategies for moving forward? I await to hear from my brothers and sisters on how to proceed with the scheduling. I can handle up to 100 phone lines or perhaps we could start one in skype that can serve as the introductory session to come. I AM at your disposal to use my Radio Show, Start a New One, Set Up A Conference Call...I look forward to hearing from the collective for there is so much that can be said and even more that can be done. Happy Holidays to you and your families as we value Hanukkah, Christmas, Islamic New Year, Kwanzaa and the many other expressions of Love and Peace. I AM - Oh, copies of the Book Where Does Racism Come From: An Educational Guide by David Dalgleish can still be purchased for $16.95 (which includes shipping and handling) at

Comment by Joseph Jones on December 21, 2010 at 12:46pm

“I love black people. But I hate N*****!” Those are the famous words of comedian Chris Rock. There are many topics of discussion when it comes to the problems of America. But none strike a more swift reaction from African Americans than the infamous “N” word. Not only does this word invoke a double standard between blacks and whites, but it also shows just how much racial ignorance still plays a role in society today. On March 9, 2001 the NAACP decided they would put an end to the use of the “N word.” They went as far as writing the word on a piece of paper, placing it in a casket, and having a “funeral service” to symbolize it’s death. It was their belief that by burying this word it would no longer exist. I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous things in my life but this easily qualifies as officially making my personal top 3 list.


As an African American of mixed decent, I have never been a fan of this word. Couple that with the fact that I’m also conscious of black history. I also don’t like the stereotype that associates this word only with “black people.” That’s what makes this so called “burial” of the N word such an insult to the intelligence of all people. This little ritual by the NAACP did nothing but bring more publicity to an organization that wears a mask suggesting they are here to help the “cause of black people” but truthfully has never had the power to do the things that they claim they could. Before I go any further I need to clarify something about myself. I don’t believe in supporting ANY organization that promotes one culture over another. I am a fan of humanity. My 1st responsibility is to the benefit of all humanity. That means I recognize and respect the existence of ALL people. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I want to get back to heart of this matter. This word by definition was never supposed to solely describe a particular “race.” It is a mentality.


America has taught us all to look at one group of people when it comes to the use of this word. None of you have to go very far to see that black people are not the only people you will see who wear their pants 3 sizes too big hanging off of their behinds, a white T on, and rolling in a ghetto cruiser listening to “Lil  Wayne.” You can see this fact whether you are at a club, or in a grocery store. I have seen Chinese people, Spanish people, and yes even White people all act like N*****. With that being said, what good does it do to bury the word if the mentality that the word represents is still alive and breathing? We are in an age where change is upon us all. How we change is up to us. I have been asked many times how are we supposed to deal with these problem children called N*****? I think a better question would be how did this mentality get here in the first place? I believe in order to find an answer to any problem you 1st must identify the cause. Contrary to popular belief, N***** did not come from outer space. So how did they get here? Very simple. When you take a people, strip them of the land in which they were born, strip them of there name, culture, language, and inheritance you set the stage for creating a new kind of human being. Not to mention that by cutting off every avenue which will lead them to the truth of who they really are at every chance you get by hiding there history and replacing it with your story, hence the term “HIStory,” you leave the human mind with no choice but to adapt to a mentality that is foreign to it in every way. You give birth to a new kind of being. This is how N***** are born. How do we fix the problem you ask? Start by recognizing your freedom. It’s one thing to be free from chains and shackles for the wrists and ankles. It’s something infinitely deeper to be free in the most important way that any man or woman can be free: “In the mind.” When your mind is free you will see the world the way it’s meant to be seen. Without color lines. Without hate. Without envy. To all that stop by to read this I wish you love, peace, and prosperity.

Comment by David 'PHULL' Dalgleish on November 19, 2010 at 2:25pm
Yes Joseph, I did, and he has on some issues.
He flunked healthcare, and has been a coward on race to note but two though. That's why my opinion has waned.
Comment by Lydell Jackson on November 19, 2010 at 1:27pm
Is it me or does everyone seem a little defensive about how we each approach this subject. LOL

We know that the position of president is just a figurehead that represents the "American Coporation", Grand Ole Party (like the good ole boys club). But if we believe that we can achieve a government "for the people and by the people" we also know that it is not up to the president but up to us to demand accountability of all governmental representatives including the president and exercise our rights as citizens to not only voice our collective will but insure it through what ever means are necessary. We do not have to accept it as it is...Read lines 5-12 of the declaration of independence and tell me what you come away with... No matter who the president is or the color of his skin. I say a major part of our delima is not just racism but our own lack of zeal for what we say we believe. Our unwillingness to change our own thinking and take action in light of the truth as it is revealed. That is one reason I conclude many of my message with .... "Peace (that is what we all would like), Love (that is what we all need) and Courage (that is what it will take). Courage is really going to be needed as time progresses and action not just talk is demanded of us all...Black, White, Red, Yellow, Brown ...etc, etc, etc.
Comment by Joseph Jones on November 19, 2010 at 12:55pm
Assuming that everyone here is on some level of consciousness higher than the average person in the world, brother David did you really think Obama would change anything? When I look at the political structure this country, I compare the White house to a car, with the rich as the driver, the President a front seat passenger, and the people of this nation to back-seat riders. We can instruct the driver to go left or right, but the truth of the matter is, as long as we are in the passenger seat of the car, we while always be at the mercy of the driver. We are only going where the driver is willing to take us. But every black person in this country was so happy to see a black face in the "White....House..." that we forgot the fact that points to the real reason why this country has 43 presidents of which none have been a person of color sit in the oval office before Obama.
Comment by Joseph Jones on November 19, 2010 at 12:33pm
I agree that the people should make the changes and not the Government. Our so-called "leaders" have proven that the only thing they are concerned with are our tax dollars. Why keep trying to get milk from a nipple that keeps giving you salt for your wounds? I always thought cows milk was for baby cows anyway. ;)

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