What really happened?

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What do you mean what really happen?

Obama set up what is happening in Libya to happen, that is obvious.

Or do you mean why the sudden change in the rebels momentum?




First of all, Obama lied when he said that he would not put America Boots on the ground in Libya, but the plan was not to make it obvious and the allies wanted to wait to see if the rag tag splinter groups could be a force to be reckon with against Qaddafi and apparently not, so the allies covertly moved in for the final surge in an attempt to topple Qaddafi.

Qaddafi was really baiting that rag tag force into Tripoli, but the allies made their move.

Al Queida (CIA) was always covertly on the ground in Libya, so was the french and British operatives as well, so when the evil forces saw that rag tag band of deceivers was not talented enough to defeat Qaddafi alone, even with bombs and missle flying and with all of the high tech intelligence, the allies  saw that they needed to make a ground move.

Look at the so call rebels, they in their flip flops, tennis shoes, pants half falling down, shirts without buttons and in their pick up trucks tanks, without missle flying and bombs dropping and covert activity on the ground, Qaddafi troupes would have slaughtered those mercenaries.




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