Thank you to Sister Ngon'e Aw for posting this video in another location. I thought it would be good to post it here as well! This is real American History!

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Lydell, your welcomed and I was just wondering about you this evening. Do you think it is PR or Propaganda?

I find Noam Chomsky's books and talks very informative, but one thing bothers me about him, he will not agree that 911 was an inside job. Perhaps thats because he is just not ready to die or loose his comfortable life style, cause I know he knows better!!!!

I have not confirmed any of the details in this video, though I am almost certain that it's historical content is accurate. Is it also a PR or Propaganda piece? Of course, it is simply another instrument used to sway public opinion and to move the masses to a specific (or not so specific) "call to action." Based on that premise alone most of what we see in any media format could be categorized as PR or Propaganda of some sort (that is my oppinion).


The whole purpose of communicating is to express ourselves and influence the thoughts and actions of others (the "Public"). So we might even say that all communication is a form of "Public Relations", just not all public communication is organized or professionally executed.


I was really interested in the history contained in this video and it's representation of the US as a social construct controled by wealth from it's founding to date. I also appreciate the example of how power can be (and is) lost when we allow others to think for us as a collective. This is one of the best videos I've seen that speaks to the mental manipulation of the masses to consume goods and resources far beyond what is needed for comfortable living. It also confirms the need to always be sure your voice as an individual and a collective is not only heard but given serious consideration in matters of social, civil and humanitarian freedom.

So, do I think this video is PR or Propaganda? I guess I'm saying "yes", but with the understanding that there isn't much in the world of communication today that isn't... Anyone could say that about Living Legacy Journal as well and I would not argue the point.


Public Relations:

the practice of creating, promoting, or maintaining goodwill and a favourable image among the public towards an institution, public body, government, etc


information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.




Lydell, I agree and thanks for your input. I hope I am posting this video in the right place, I think it is important for us as people who are always talking about "unity",  which seems to have eluded us for decades. In these serious times, we can learn a lot from this real American interview with Russell Means, leader of Lakota, I can't wait to hear what you think..

Russell Means: Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp (Full Length)







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