The world as we know it is changing right before our eyes. Yet many of us fail to recognize the differences between how things were and how things are now. Whenever the discussion of "America" comes up, most people want to associate the country with one word: "Freedom." Freedom is word that those who are advocates for the "Land of the Free" and "Home of the Brave" use due to the perception they have from comparing the US to other parts of the world who don't have "our freedoms." When Barak Obama took the oval office, I was happy to be a part of what I thought would be a historical event. Even though I went against my better judgment by allowing myself to participate in supporting a system that was never designed to work for the people, I voted for him because I had the same hopes as everyone one else in America who are starved for the emergence of a true leader. It's what we all want no matter where you live. In less than 3 years of time served as our commander in Chief, I am sorry to say that my convictions and preconceived notions are correct. Obama is the puppet I thought he would be and following in the footsteps of his predecessors. I know what I just said will make a lot of people who still want to hope in him upset, but I have to be real with this. So do many of you.

When we take a look at our current president, what are the differences between what he's doing and what Bush and those who preceded him have done? Truman gave us the atomic bombing of Japan, the cold war with the Soviet Union, the Marshall Plan, and the Korean War. Eisenhower continued the Cold War with the Soviet Union. LBJ gave us Vietnam. Reagan gave us the cold war of Libya. Bush Sr gave us the persian Gulf War I with Iraq. Clinton gave us NAFTA and the gulf war. Bush Jr gave us Persian Gulf War II with Iraq and dubbed it the so called "War on Terrorism." Now, Obama is carrying out the unfinished business of that war and we are seeing it played out on center stage in Libya. The propaganda machine tells us that "We must intervene to help The rebels" yet I can't help but notice a common thread between Libya and Iraq: Natural resources. The US has left a trail of commonality regarding "who" it helps and who it turns a  blind eye to. When Katrina hit it took 5 days before the Government responded to send aid to the residents of New Orleans. When a Tsunami hit Sir Lanka that same government was there in less than a day. It took 5 days for them to respond to a community of people who live in their own back yard, but went across the globe in less than a day to help a country that isn't even on the radar... What does Sir Lanka have that New Orleans doesn't? Sri Lanka is a strategic naval link between West and South East Asia. It is also rich in natural resources that in part has earned it the nickname: The Pearl of The Indian Ocean.

A lot of what I am discussing is foreign to the masses, but nevertheless it is very real. The news is one of the most damaging tools to the mind when it comes to searching for the truth. I mentioned the propaganda machine (the media) earlier to bring light to this fact. He that has the power to control the media, has the power to control the minds of the masses. We have seen this scenario played out before us many times. From the demonizing of sports figures like Michael Vick, to the Hollywood blackballing of Actors like Danny Glover for no other reason than for having an affiliation with world figures who don't "share the same political interests of America." As a citizen you have to ask yourself, where do we go from here? It's a terribly rude awakening when you realize that "The 1st black President is no different than the 43 white ones who preceded him."

Barak Obama works for a system that was never for any of us to begin with. A system that when not advertizing war, drives 90% of everything else we see in our society with sex. We see it in Music videos, and commercials. We hear it on the radio and see it on the movie screens.
That same system provides beer for you on one hand but tells you "don't drink and drive" with the other. The same system that tells you not to commit adultery is the same system that gave you "Sex and the City." The same system that gave you planned parenthood is the same system that refuses to advocate examples of how a man should properly love a woman. That same system never has much to say about men like Tony Dungy, but if you're a jackass like Charlie Sheen they'll put you on the front page of every newspaper across the country. Sorry people but I'm extremely tired of the BS. It's time for us to stop supporting and making excuses for a system that has never supported us and uses us as excuses for it's problems.
Obama is not the "Messiah" we all were waiting for. No. That person has come many times. You can see him/her whenever you look in the mirror. You are the one you are waiting for. Instead of crying "why me?" I have a better question: Why not you....? The sooner you solve the riddle to that puzzle, the sooner you will see "change..."

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Execellent comentary my brother. We are the one! We must act collectively as one. One mind, one heart, one people, one love. Our freedom on this planet is in our hands and always has been. We can spend the remainder of our lives complaining about Obama and all the other presidents, governments, religions, people, places and things that may keep us from it. Or we can take positive steps and demand change for ourselves individually and collectively. Stop waiting for that liberator to come. He/she is here, and the Liberator is you! I so agree!

I like the energy that you are projecting Joseph! Keep it coming my brother, keep it coming! We are in desparate need of positive influence and not just a rehashing of the impact of negative current and historical facts; though this is important knowledge. The wisdom that moves and changes the spirit of the world comes from an understanding of how all aquired knowledge is applied (true alchemy). We become wise and can influence positive change when we go beyond knowledge of mere facts and even beyond knowledge of truth and recognize the application of natural truths that moves the heart and ushers in a new age of understanding that benefits the world. Know that the universe conspires in our favor when we work with it; then successful change becomes inevitable. 


"None but us can free our minds" ~Robert Nester (Bob Marley)~ 


Agreed. Too bad those of our people who need change the most don't read these sites or blogs. What do we do? What is next?

Good question brother Juan,

I learn years ago that we often spend too much time trying to convince those who have no desire or drive to get involved (not all are able). When you have to convince an individual to get involved you also have to spend much time convincing them to stay involved, even when it is to their advantage to remain vigilant. Not everyone can stand up to the pressure that comes from outside. Not all are have the blood of warriors! The answer is to find those who have the focus and determination, even if they are few and spend our time building them up and teaching them to do the same as we are doing. Out of the few who are determined, come many with much power! It is not easy and takes much endurance and a self-sacrificing spirit. Not everyone will measure up and that is expected. Remeber this...Those you think will won't and those you think won't will. So don't be judgemental in your approach and leave not one untouched. keep sharing the information on this site and others like this with all those you can. Sow the seed and let the spirit that moves the universe do the rest. That spirit of the universe (God) is always working with you even when you don't know how things will be accomplished. If you are really connected to it then you will know you can trust it. So get connected and stay connected...learn to trust it!






Juan, whenever I see your Avatar I smile, truly, you both look so happy!

you asked:

"What do we do? What next?"


The Only Way To Make A Dream Come True Is To WAKE-UP!

  We have to be present to all that is, (reality) we have to face each moment as it is, and

at the same time invoke our vision of what we want to become. I think it will take great courage, and lots of people are gonna be flipping out because they will not understand what is happening, so we can help by being there to explain what we have learned by study of history and facts of how we got here and then see more clearly what needs to change. How can we take effective control of our lives without knowing what is really going on?

Smile when you really feel it in your heart,  cry when you need to, otherwise we are just faking it...I think that is how we got where we are today, "the mask" , but what do I know?

And most of all we have to tell the "truth" to one another as we understand it.

Sometimes it will be pleasant and sometimes it won't. THE ASCENT OF MAN FROM THE DARK TO THE LIGHT is the forever repetitive play of man on the planets of suns.  Walter Russell,

"The Secret Of Light"

Excellent my sister. Again you have expressed clearly the intent of the heart of all concerned.



WOW! Brother Joesph, a mouth full, and right on target. thanks for posting. I'm sorry for all those who unlike yourself already knew about the corrupt system but decided to take the risk to give one more chance for change to something positive. Unlike you, I did not because I knew he was a heart breaker,

I listened to him, very carefully and he told us  he was a warmonger before he was officially S-elected. Like you pointed out so well in your message, the agenda rolls on regardless of which wing of the one party bird is up on the Hill.  So now, we must finally face the cold hard facts, if voting meant anything, they would have made it illegal by now. Actually they have made it irrelevant, we have the black box counting machines.

Well, what next? Seems like it is way past time for a divorce....they are corrupt and Tel-Lie-Vision is corrupting our children, which means if we do not make a break, we have a very unstable future if we do not build a new reality. How, where, when  is the big questions.

We have what we need to be Victorious, if we have the will to invoke it.


Much appreciated queen Ngon'e Aw. I am always delighted to have a visit from a conscious sister as yourself. Stay tuned for "The Answer."



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