Egypt - The events of the past few weeks in Egypt have not only gotten the world's attention, but have also inspired the oppressed in other nations to follow suit in an effort to bring change to the world as they know it as well. The reign of President Hosni Mubarak's regime came to an abrupt end on Feb.11 due to nation wide protesting for his resignation. When I saw this I couldn't help myself from going back and revisiting the "Change" speech by Obama. Americans aren't the only people who are tired of the status qua. Judging by the reaction in Libya I wouldn't be surprised to see this become a trend across the world, but even more so within countries where things like clean, hot running water are a luxury. Unfortunately, with energy companies taking advantage of the masses by price gouging (and showing no signs of letting up), rising taxes (yet continued tax breaks for the rich), and the escalating death of the middle class, we are coming closer and closer to the dangers that come from the repercussions of a revolution. As I walk down the street on a given day, I can't help but notice the facial expressions on many of the people I pass by. It's reminiscent of the training scene for Neo in the movie "The Matrix" when he is walking through a crowd of people (who look like zombies on an assembly line) before he's distracted by a lady in a red dress. Although civil unrest can be seen in just about every culture nowadays, there is a (not so subtle) difference between how Americans are responding to it vs the example of what we just witnessed in Egypt.

In this materialistic society we live in, many of the citizens of this country seem to be more concerned with finding the best bargain on consumer goods than they are with changing the world they live in. In order to see people rise up and come together on the issues that matter most, more often you will find them in parts of the world that are known more for their poverty than for anything else. America has become a different beast all together. People here will mobilize and come together to protect their beloved dogs, and line up outside of local Apple Stores across the country the night before the release of the new iphone in order to be one of the 1st buffoons to have one before they will lift a finger on issues of more importance. 2008 we witnessed the tragedy of a Wal-Mart employee in Long-Island who was trampled to death by the mob of holiday shoppers who couldn't wait to get in. As if that wasn't enough, an 8 month pregnant woman had a miss-carriage at the same location after being knocked out by the same crowd. While Americans fight over "who can be the first to get a microwave for 30 dollars," people in third world nations are fighting for better living conditions and better leaders for the benefit of humanity. Very few comparisons are more utterly ridiculous when describing a difference in mentality and the placement vs the misplacement of moral values. So what do we really need to do to bring "change?" Is a revolution the real answer? What works for the goose isn't always what will work for the gander. Especially when dealing with the kind of globe trotters who will kill by the thousands and then go pour themselves a glass of scotch while smoking a cigarette without a second thought in regard to the trail of weeping widows, and fatherless they left behind.

While many of us look to the leaders who are in front of us and doing our best impersonation of a homeless person "waiting for change," we continue to miss who the true masterminds are behind 90% of the troubles we face. "There is a throne behind the throne." The next time you turn on your TV set to watch a speech from your "World leaders," before you get mad at them and waste your time with petitioning to them for improving your quality of life, understand that there are people in this world who have enough money to buy their own country.....Literally. When you have that kind of power, you can make the truth, the law, and the news whatever you say they are. In order to beat those kinds of odds, you have to throw conventional thinking out of the window. You have to elevate your mindset to a plain that will produce the answers you need to conquer the problems you face. Why go to an official to petition on your behalf for your cut of the "American Dream" when he/she works for the people who gave you the "American Nightmare?" Those who are responsible for giving you the nightmare have no intentions of giving you anything that resembles a "dream." In fact, they (Your oppressors) believe that their life of luxury has to come at your expense. I know that this bit of news can be depressing for the common soul, but with every problem, there is always a solution.

If we can't go to our leaders to improve our lives, then where can we go? The problems of the world (as we know it) have always been born from the same source. Money. The same people who created the clean streets of New Hampshire, are the same people who created the ghettos of Detroit. The same people who created the gated communities of the rich are the exact same people who made the slums of the poorest neighborhoods in America and around the world. It's all relative. We all have a common enemy. Anytime you have 90% of the world's wealth controlled by 10% of the world's population you have a major problem. Especially when those with the resources to create and control nations also have the power to commit genocide against people for no other reason other than color, religious beliefs, or political views. 911 was a prime example of this ugly, undeniable truth. That one, single act of barbaric brutality transported Muslims back into the dark ages of the 40s and reflected a time that many African Americans in this country know all too well. Ten years removed from that tragedy and Muslims are still treated like second class citizens. Some have been refused service at hotels and restaurants while others are singled out at airports for the infamous: "He fit the description." Sound familiar? It should if you fall into the category of a person of "color."

So what's the answer to the madness? I mentioned money earlier for a reason. "Money" is one of the things that gives those who oppress their power, and money is the very thing we must take away from them in order to bring them down. How do we do that you ask? By not spending your money on the products they provide for you that are deemed "wants" and instead, start investing your resources in the things that are "needs." Educate yourself on your constitutional rights. Even more importantly, start recognizing your God given rights. The other power they use against us is their knowledge of the spirit world and how to use it's forces against us. You can see how important it is in the symbolism they use on the back of dollars bills and political offices. Ironically, the spirit realm is the one place many of us have not looked to in order to address the problems they present. They gave us "religion" as a deterrent while they use spirituality to stay in there positions of power. I know this is a big pill to swallow for many of you, nevertheless it's knowledge I hope you will use to set yourself free. When we as a people put aside our differences, and prioritize the important matters of the heart, real progress is made. Right now, nothing is more important than dealing with the people who are still giving us the "nightmare."

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Excellent post. Very heavy.  I will respond tomorrow.  I have to give this some thought and come correct.  I was surprised to see that you attribute to our enemy knowledge of the spirit world, since I've consistently seen them as spiritually bankrupt.  So I guess I will begin with the issue of spirituality...
I agree Kevin. That was an excellent post. There is so much to be said about the subject and we could literally right a book about it (perhaps volumes). At any rate, I'm going to come back after I see what you have to say! LOL
Thank you brother Kevin for the kind words. I appreciate that very much. I wanted to answer your question though regarding "their knowledge of the spirit world." They indeed know about it and leave all types of clues to verify that truth. I mentioned the symbolism on the backs of dollar bills. That is but one example. The pyramid, the all seeing eye, and even the bricks of the pyramid. See you can be "spiritually bankrupt" and still be aware of the reality of spiritual forces. We have always had the power to use those forces for either good or evil. History is well documented with this reality. At any rate that is a whole nother level of discussion. I look forward to reading your response as well as brother Lydell's. Peace.
Good explination Joseph...I assumed that was your intent concerning knowledge of the spiritual elements and forces. I'll still get back to you on the

A few years back, King George (W. Bush) was asked who was the greatest influence on his life?  He replied,

 "Jesus Christ because he changed my life."

I was disgusted to hear him consider himself a Christian because a Christian is someone who follows the teachings and example set by Jesus Christ.  George W. was far from that.  If anything, he was anti-Christian, or anti-Christ.  Yet, the christian right seemd to love and revere him.

 Fast forward to today and we have Barack Obama following in his footsteps.  -- from publically denouncing Farrakhan on national TV, to turning his back on the Reverend Wright, who marred him and his wife and baptized his daughters  -- from the ouster of Van Jones, to extending the unPatriotic Act (the new cointelpro) to shedding blood for oil, to approving 3.2 billion dollars to rush a swine flu vaccine to market in order to create another billion dollar cash cow for Big Pharma.  Obama like Bush is the willing servant of the US' ruling elite.  Although he ran on a campaign of A,B,C he has delivered an agenda of X,Y,Z, and to me it is not only disappointing but it feels like betrayal.  Yet, just as Bush had the Christian right, Obama has us, the African American community, a foolish community in whose eyes Obama can do no wrong.  Only the most progressive and conscious can see that the emperor is wearing no clothes. 


Obama, Bush and the rest of them are spiritually bankrupt.  Yes, they may be card carrying members of the Illuminati and Skull & Cross Bones on one end of the spectrum and then hold membership in the Bilderberg Group and Tri-lateral Commission on the other end, but these organizations are as spiritually bankrupt as the members that comprise them.  Yes, they have their initiations, their symbols, and their dumb ass "secret" handshakes, but just like college fraternities they have no secretes.  All of their secrets and deceptive practices have been revealed in books, and on YouTube.

These heads of state fall far short of offering a legitimate spiritual perspective on the world.  They worship a false god:  the god of money, oil, and political power.  Their concept of spiritually is 100% materially based and exoteric at best.  Real spirituality - - esoteric and direct experience and manifestation of spirit  -- they scoff at as if it has no real place in the world.  


Their actions reveal a complete lack of understanding of universal spiritual principles.  Even the most basic forms of churchianity teach something about the inter-connectedness of human beings.  They have no sense of the sanctity of human life, have a sociopathic reliance on war and WMDs (Weapons of Mass Deception).  They also have a complete disregard for karma or universal justice if you prefer.  Their thinking is short term, exclusionary, and is threatening to the air we breathe and the very planet we all inhabit.


They have the money and the guns, but that is not the source of true power.  True power comes from within, from expressing the divine attributes within us.  The unified will of the people can  break them. What we need is a revolution of consciousness first, an elevation of awareness.  We need more voices standing up and speaking the truth.  As understanding increases, actions and solutions will come to mind.  Then it is simply a matter of taking action.


Hitler said, "If you repeat a lie one million times, the people will come to believe it."  Stokely said, "If you repeat the truth twice, it will crush a million lies."


I am moved to end this with the late great Dr. King who said,

It seems to me I can hear God saying, You're too arrogant America.  And unless you change your ways, I will rise up against you and snap the backbone of your power, and place it in the hands of a nation that doesn't even know my name.


Thanks for the dialogue, people.   


I'm with you 110% brother Kevin and couldn't have said it better myself. That quote you put at the bottom about the truth is one I am going to add to my pocket brother. LOL I love it!!


Have you ever considered they are not human?

I'm serious

Kevin wrote:

I am moved to end this with the late great Dr. King who said,

It seems to me I can hear God saying, You're too arrogant America.  And unless you change your ways, I will rise up against you and snap the backbone of your power, and place it in the hands of a nation that doesn't even know my name.


Thanks for the dialogue, people.  



Dr Kings words may turn out to be prophetic:



This area has been referred to by local people as The Great Abyss..... And it opened (gained access to) the Great Abyss; and there arose a smoke out of ...






Greetings Brother Joesph, very powerful message indeed, only one thing I would like to comment on  " Know your cons-titutional rights"  

We don't have any.

I would like to share a couple videos, I think are relevant to your message.


Greetings sister Ngon'e Aw. You are so right in the lack of rights we have. The reason I mentioned getting to know the constitution is for us to understand the language so that we can exercise what rights we do have. There are loop holes available for us to use in protecting ourselves against them. The recent battles taking place between conscious home owners and the banks is but one example. I know we don't have much wiggle room in the system, but we have to be aware of what room we do have in order to take advantage of it. Thanks so much for the videos. You are a real blessing sister. ;)




Thank both of you...sister Ngon'e Aw and brother Joseph...for your observations. I find myself agreeing with both of you and that tells me everyone is saying the same thing and that is we do have rights. The rights we have should not based on a consitution in need of loop holes to be applied equally to all. One that was developed by men who were focused on only selfishly building for themselves a material legacy and by colonizing the land now called "America" were actually displacing and ruining the lives and legacies of the loving humans that were here before them. We have natural rights as humans that the law of the universe has applied (or the law of God, if you like). We certainly have inalienble rights as human beings and even those who devised the constitution of these divided states had to reach that conclusion. However, they were hoping it would only apply to them and their offspring and not to others who found themselves in a social structure less privaledged, underprivaledged or even without privaledge at all (in servatude - slaves). The fact that we are unclear about our rights or that those rights are not being recognized only says one thing. We have none in their eyes. Some one (or some group of peoples) are identifying you and I as less than human, thus underserving of human rights. So, by what constitution should I live? What nationality should I recognize? To what ethnic group do I belong? What race am I? My answer is none of the above apply, for I am simply Human no other degrading and devisive label necessary. I am deserving of human respect, dignity, freedoms, life, compassion, love and the right to pusue and share those realities with all other citiszens and cultures of the world. Those are my universal "Human Rights" and I stand in opposisiton to any obstacle existing now or conjured in the future, that attempts to separate me from my own Humanity! What about you?
Thanks brother Lydell. I concur 110%. I am going to make a part two to this and will post it upon completion.
Joseph, I'm looking forward to part two, thanks for a great post.



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