It's business as usual in America and beyond our borders. Home sweet home has new meaning these days or maybe it has no meaning at all for many. The American dream of the house with a picket fence and maybe one automobile is not even a dream, it is fast becoming a delusional expectation. The catastrophe that has begun to unfold itself on the American people is quickly escalating. The unemployment numbers are soaring. The homeless numbers are skyrocketing. Shelters are filling to capacity in city after city. Oh! there are lots of folk still gamefully employed (but for how long?). We are at a definate crossroad in American life (lifestyle) and we will need to make some life changing decisions for ourselves as individuals and as a nation in the near future. Things can not continue as they are without dire consequences for us all. We know the problems and the source of many of the problems. We just need to shake ourselves out of this dream-like stooper. Tear ourselves away from all the distractions (TV, video games, sports, entertainment, popular music, etc.) and see things as they really are..."F"ed up! We can wait for someone else to fix it but just who the hell do you think it's goin' to be. Your mama, your daddy, your preacher, your politician? Ha! It's you! You have to do it and you have to start now! Otherwise its going to continue to be "Business as Usual in America."

Watch the videos and comment on the subject to start...


Be Wise!


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