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There’s a truth that must be told
Its force can’t be contained
about the history
and the mystery
in the rage of hurricanes

For you must know the reasons
why gale force winds do blow
and disburse their vicious vengeance
on southern States below

You see, the bodies of my people
through the Middle Passage came
as cargo in slave ships
so a beast could lay quit claim

And their limbs were battered and broken
by a heathen with no shame
who stole us from our homes
then promptly changed our names

But now the laws of cause and effect
so appropriately germane
come collecting unpaid taxes
in the form of hurricanes

You thought our spirits were beaten
you thought our spirits were tamed
but instead of us defeatin’
God’s temper you inflamed

Now retribution comes to visit
on the winds of hurricanes
Storm clouds gather over Africa
full of slavery’s suffering and pain

They marshal their momentum
full of vengeful hard black rain
dead-set upon America
as if possessed, insane

And since all those cries for mercy
fell on deaf ears in vain
you must feel the wrath
and the fury of hurricanes

For the girls you stole from Senegal
and the boys from the Ivory Coast
the spirit of those ancestors
haunt Louisianan’s most

Cause of all the slave-ship harbors
in the many ports of call
yours were the most insidious
the evilest of them all

And for all you island dwellers
to whom this verse pertains
your shores made shelter for sellers
of human beings in chains

Thus, the Breath of My Ancestors
forge a spiritual weather vane
that plots a course of sorrow
via the gale of hurricanes

In cargo holes
you laid 20 million souls
like spoons in kitchen cabinets
But now the winds blow down
entire towns
leaving tents to pitch and maggots

and the law of just requital
extracting its just do
says you must pay
for the games you play
Florida and Mississippi too

So, if the next gale wind you hear
evokes real fear
and the terror seems inhumane
It’s Just – It’s Just
It’s just the Breath of My Ancestors
in the spirit of the hurricane…

Ty Gray-EL
Excerpt from his book "Breath of My Ancestors"

Another Message from Ty Gray-EL "Melanin"


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