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Comment by Wes Barnard on October 29, 2011 at 11:24pm

Suggestions for improving the site. Hummmm. It is beautiful. User friendly and informative. So, to me the site is on jam. However, my wife and I have been in a spin trying to find some definitive information about how we can step by step become self-sufficient, interdependent, prosperous and self-governing. Basically, we have this dream of creating a city within a city. We would own the land, tax ourselves, build and support AA businesses, elect our own leaders, structure our own laws, and develop our own city with it's unique African character and personality. 

Yet, we can find not one book or person who has thought this thing through. Therefore, we have had to launch a campaign to make it happen. 

We spent many months studying the demographics of the city. We discovered we make up 30% of the population, yet exert very little influence. We also discovered that we have been scattered all over the county, that is now called Indianapolis. There are over 70 AA neighborhood organizations and associations registered with the city. They too, are scattered all over the county. Yet, there is no network of communication linking them together.

So, we are beginning our first step by personally visiting each of these AA neighborhood organizations, introducing ourselves as Ubuntu Design Team and outlining our vision for our people in this city and the need for a communications system we own, operate and maintain. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive thus far. 

Next, we are trying to grow our numbers so that we can have at least one Ubuntu member sitting in on every neighborhood meeting, listening for opportunities to assist and opportunities to share new ideas and information. For example, we are sharing the information that we are not obligated to pay federal and state personal income taxes. Everyone knows this, but are afraid to stop filing. We now have the answer - buy the book Super-Scam for $10. It exposes the scam and provides the legal remedy that will increase your take-home pay by up to 30%. That's a raise you give yourself. 

We have money-saving techniques we will share with our people to free up capital, build a Black bank, take true possession of our real estate, stop foreclosures in it's tracks, stop making mortgage payments, stop paying real estate property taxes, etc. We are discovering long hidden legal facts the we have been denied access to for centuries.

Suddenly, these facts are bubbling to the surface, allowing us to see a clear path to liberation, freedom and tremendous wealth. Who will have the faith and courage to break the umbilical cord to the global white supremacy system? 

Any other ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we collectively break new ground, with fresh new concepts and strategies. We are completely confident that our collective genius will cause all of the pieces to come together just as long as we are crystal clear about our goals and objectives and are laser focussed on achieving them at any moral means necessary. Peace and blessing to the entire Living Legacy family. 

Comment by Lydell Jackson on December 28, 2009 at 4:12pm
Thank you "sex starved musician", for your support. I don't think any of us fit into a box though most try hard to squeeze themselves into a prefabricated mold of life. Like you, I feel there is no place in the world that can contain the spirit of a truly creative person. We are pure energy that will find its way into every particle of life. We can not and will not be contained or restrained.

As for the videos and music files, I'm not sure what specific problems you are encountering but sometimes the ning producers update code and it breaks things that were working fine. Eventually, they fix the problem and uploads are working fine again. I've had similar problems and have to send an email to ning in order to get it resolved...

Some things I can fix myself but generally speaking most errors of that sort are managed by the Ning Network script writers...
Comment by Musician - not for sale on December 28, 2009 at 2:12pm
Thank you for message "I really need help in 2010 getting "Living Legacy Journal". I do and will continue to send this Link to my friends. I like your site very much Lydell but I do not fit into any box as you can see and read from my page.

Lydell I'm having problem up-loading videos. It always says "not the right format". Any tips on how I can upload my own music tracks or videos?

As usual I'm on the road getting ready to give a New Years concert in St. Petersburg Russia with you all on my mind. I will comment and interact when when I can.........problem is I say what I feel and never ever bit my tongue but I am quick to apologize as you see. My Grandma always said "If you don't have something good to say don't say any thing at all. But she also said "Christians are like flies who come to the dinner table - all things are a blessing". My grandmother contradicted herself often. She's my greatest role model; a strong African/Soiux American woman who wrote many great songs

In advance Happy New Year Lydell from this "sex starved musician".

Just consider me a weird spice on your site


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