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Shop for a Reason at the Living Legacy Boutique!

Just opened a new boutique for you to check out! Get all kinds of items that display cultural pride and dignity to everyone around you. Excellent gifts for friends and family of the diaspora. All images are beautifully and professionally designed. You will be proud to display them no… Continue

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It's more than feeling. It's more than pride.

While listening to the Music Muse segment of Living Legacy I was reminded of just how BAD Gill Scott-Heron is. Awesome then awesome now. He took me to place that caused "The Cause" to have presence in the 21st Century; a place it should have been naturally had WE not allowed it to discipate.
Thank you Living Legacy. Thank you Lydell

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Mentoring programs

My son is 16 years old and we currently live in Raleigh NC. He attends a pre-college high school and was the founding class for the school. Here is my issue...this is a public school but is very small. I'd like to get a mentoring program started for him and the other young AAbrothers at his school and would like to get some information on how to start one. It would also be helpful if there are brothers and sister out there who would be willing to help with the program. Peace & blessing for… Continue

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God’s Word or traditions of Man... which do you seek after? - By DaughterNature

As the Christmas festivities, to celebrate the "birth of Christ", came and went, here is a thought...

I ask you:

"Does Christ really care about our feasts and celebrations in His name? Do you think it is harmless?

If we care about serving Him and believe you are Holy unto him, we should always ask what do the scriptures say... and not what do "traditions of men/religion" say.

What the scriptures have to say about the decking of the tree referred to…

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MLK Oratory Winner

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Clayton "Bigtrigger" Corley - Spotlight On Jazz And Poetry

Clayton (BigTrigger) Corley, Sr. is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He developed his love of writing at the age of 14 and his love of jazz from as far back as he can remember. While in high school, he wrote for the school newspaper and was recognized by the Pulitzer Prize Committee for Journalism for his articles about the West Philadelphia High Speedboys basketball team. As of May 2005, he became a published author with the release of Universal Moods (a short story collection). Clayton… Continue

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Actual Black History

When it comes to black history most people don’t even know that our nation’s Capital would not exist were it not for the ingenuity and wit of a black man. Most Americans are aware that it was black labor, blood, sweat and muscle that built the city of Washington DC. They have been told that slave labor laid the foundation stones and that black men lost their lives during the building and construction of, not only the white house, but several of the huge monolithic federal government buildings… Continue

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Another year has passed and our token month is here again. What a joke. Sorry if I seem a little bitter, but this is one of the many continuing pains in my _ _ _ (like a hemorrhoid) that I have yet to rid myself of. Thirty days out of 365? Come on people, give me a break. Yet another insult on my very being. My history and the history of my people can't begin to be addressed with such a cavalier attitude about it's…

Added by Lydell Jackson on February 2, 2009 at 9:30pm — 3 Comments

hurt people hurt people

I wrote a song called Broken Hearted Children. Its copywritten so I'll share it with you in response to how we need to heal:

Broken hearted children

Growing up to be broken hearted people

People who need people

To mend their broken hearts

Sad and abandoned children

Growing up to be sad and abandoned people

People who need people

Tell me, when will the love start

Used and abused children

Growing up to still used and abusee other… Continue

Added by Yasmeeen on February 1, 2009 at 10:30pm — 2 Comments

Hurt People, Hurt People-Fade to Black

When we say “it starts in the home” what does that mean? When we say, “he has no home training” what does that mean? I agree that it all goes back to the home; however it goes much farther than the home. Our problems are systemic and reach way down into our psyche. How did our homes become so disjointed, fragmented and broken? Why are so many African American homes in disarray? What causes our children to be so apathetic?

When we say “it starts in the home” we are only dealing with the… Continue

Added by Ty Gray-EL on January 30, 2009 at 8:08am — 2 Comments

The Secret Governmental War on Black America

Excerpt from the book...


The Modern Mental and Social Suppression

of African Americans Under National Interest

© 2006, 2008 By Franklin G. Jones

The present despairing state of Black America is neither a baffling phenomenon, nor the result of some innate racial deficiency among Blacks, but rather instead the result of the White elite's innate proclivity for always reinventing devious… Continue

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La Trisha LaNae' Launches Tula Couture

La Trisha LaNae' Taylor is a talented jewelry designer who is launching her company, Tula Couture, on February 28, 2009.

She designs custom made beaded jewelry and other accessories for women, and will be expanding to a collection of fashion items in the near future. La Trisha LaNae will join us to share her projects and all the excitement around the launch of her new business!

La Trisha LaNae also hosts a… Continue

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Change Has Come

Well gang, today is the day. Barack Obama was just inaugurated. He's officially the 44rth President of the United States. On a day like this I am reminded of what his candidacy and his victory has meant for me and I am moved to share that I see Obama as a metaphor of success and possibility for the rest of us.

Obama and I were schoolmates at Columbia University. He transferred there in his junior year while I was a senior. I didn't know him per se, but I saw him around the campus… Continue

Added by Kevin Thomas on January 20, 2009 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

A Little Something That Make A World Of Difference

If you are not accustom to working out, now is the time to start. It WILL make you feel good all over. You can go out and walk, then progress to more aggressive cardiovascular exercise. The point is you have to start some where. My job in the Navy requires me to be fit. My job requires me to ensure that young men and women who defend this country be fit. This is a New Year and with New Year’s comes goals. Please take the walk. Do not put it off for someone is depending on you to be around for a… Continue

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Samuel Pace - Part of the Los Angeles Heart Beat

Samuel Pace is a talented artistis whose work has been commissioned by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transporation Authority (METRO) and it features the heart of Leimert Park.

His work has been featured by Playboy jazz Festival, Vancouver Washington wine and Jazz Festival.

Samuel Pace began creating his art using Jazz and blues music as the subject matter in the late 1980s. His work reflects the mood and sounds of the music that he hears. He then interprets the music… Continue

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Andre Harris - A Part of History's first show featuring Andre Harris, one of our talented members!

We are very proud to see Andre's work being featured at Barack Obama's Camp.

He is a graduate of The Art Institute of Atlanta and The American Intercontinental University, Andre Harris has established himself… Continue

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Marvin Trimm - Spoken Word's Native Son

A native of the small island of Bermuda, Native Son describes his poetic literary speech as spontaneously truthful.

A self proclaimed empowerment poet, he often writes about self development, self awareness and self improvement. Native Son combines history, social, political issues to enlighten and bring fresh new perspectives about the world we live in.

He currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where he is actively pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Applied… Continue

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A Black Woman's Smile

Can someone please explain why so many white people are upset about this love poem that I have written to black women?

A Black Woman’s Smile was written because I see the need for black men to treat their women better and I wrote this to point out some reasons why they should. The response from most black women is favorable. One referred to it as “the black woman’s anthem for the 21st century.' Another attorney friend of mine suggested I 'insert it into an alarm clock' so she could… Continue

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This Issues Contest Winner!!!

Next issue's contest:

Talk to your friends and family about "Living Legacy"...if they sign up and send me an email mentioning your name you could be the winner of the limited edition giclee above. The winner will be the person with the most members to sign up and send me that email before Jan 19, 2009.

Happy Holidays and Have a fantastic… Continue

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