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African American unemployment at depression levels

Educated, experienced and talented African Americans are finding it hard to secure employment in America. In some cities, black unemployment has reached Great Depression levels.

America’s overall unemployment rate hovers around 8.8 percent. The unemployment rate among white Americans is 7.9…


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“Show me your papers!”


If you didn't hear Goldie Taylor tell this amazing part of her family history on the Rachel Maddow show (MSNBC), you missed a beautifully most pointed story of what it means (and has…


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Freedom Riders...Mark your Calendar!



Fifty years ago, the Freedom Riders—more than 400 Black and White, mostly young people—risked their lives and freedom to face down segregation in the Deep South. A…


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The Lion of the Dersert


Hotp family this is Movie abot Bro: Gadaffi,which he financed,Mr. Anthony Quinn
PlayedGadaffi a Berber (Blak Man )and got a lot of heat for that. This Movie represents when the Italians invaded Libya. ven today he gov`t of Italy is paying repreations of 7 mllion each month for that invasion.Enjoy Family.
Ma`at Hotep

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China Denounces America’s Treatment of Afro-descendants (African Americans)


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In a scathing report issued by China’s Information Office of the State Council, China  condemned America’s treatment of its Afro-descendants and other minorities and cited America’s numerous human rights violations against its…


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You and your local nuclear power plant...

We all hate it when a storm comes through and the power goes out for a few hours (or minutes). We feel so fortunate that we have power plants (nuclear) that are in our backyards (basically). They are up and running and our elecctrical power is not out for long. We think that's just great. Life the way it should be. We make fun of those…


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Black's Law Dictionary

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Black’s Law Dictionary is one of the most widely used and highly regarded law books still in use today. The law book was founded by Henry Campbell Black and is the authority in definitions…


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Blue Mothertongue

Author: Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

Genre: Poetry

ISBN: ISBN: 9966-05-230-5

Year of Publication: 2010


Blue Mothertongue is an urban anthology of growing up in Nairobi, and is published by Ngwatilo Poetry &…


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Kwani? 06, isan anthology of short fiction and poetry by Kenyan And African writers born after September 1978. Farah Aideed Goes To Gulf War by Mehul Gohil is a dystopic paean that explodes our obsessions with mono-Kenyan identity and binary understanding of Nairobi (Nairobbery vs Green City In The Sun) into a huge chessboard…


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The Life & Times of Richard Onyango

Author: Richard Onyango

Editor: Binyavanga Wainaina

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Biography

ISBN: 9966-7008-5-4

No. of pages: 135

Size of book: 135mm x 115mm

Price: Ksh 300 ($10)

Year of Publication: 2008… Continue

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Born in Africa, Onesimus was a slave of Cotton Mather, a Puritan minister in Boston. When a smallpox epidemic broke out in Boston in 1721, Onesimus informed his master about an inoculation procedure practiced in Africa. The centuries-old practice was practiced throughout Africa and involved the extraction of material from the…


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Black History 101

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Here is another exclusive Spring T-Shirt Design from Living Legacy Journal. To learn more about Ubuntu join the Ubuntu Village (group).…


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Congo-Kinshasa: Who is Stealing Nation's Gold

Nairobi — The city of Bunia in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is synonymous with gold -- which is why it's not rare to find its residents keeping nuggets of the precious metal in their homes.

In the outskirts of the city, Okimo (Office de Kilo-Moto) has been mining gold since the colonial period when Belgium's King Leopold II treated the vast territory as his personal estate until the Belgian parliament forced him to cede the territory to the state in…


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A Stronger America: The Black Agenda

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news,…


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France Robbing Africa through the Colonial Pact

France Robbing Africa through the Colonial Pact

It is the colonial pact that set up the common currency for the Francophone countries, the CFA franc, which demands that each of the 14 CFA member countries must deposit 65% (plus another 20% for

financial liabilities, making the dizzying total of 85%) of their

foreign exchange reserves in an “Operations Account” at the French

Treasury in Paris.

Nicolas Sarkozy, French President:

They have been robbing Africa…


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What About Regime Change For The US?



"Our government is wrong and it needs to change.  If it will not change, then we need to get rid of it, and put in a government that will guarantee life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the American people... It doesn't matter who sits in the White House; if you don't uproot the structure that corrupts him, then you don't have a President.  You have a figurehead.  That's why I say America needs a regime change."  Miniser Farrakhan    


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