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Becoming an Activist

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Living Legacy Journal Fall/Winter Membership Drive

Living Legacy Journal is launching its first fall/winter membership drive, inviting all current members and supporters of the African Diaspora to sign on and help us increase active membership. Everyone in our community who cares about our Legacy and our future is invited to join in the membership drive. It is even more important in…


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Alicia in Africa, Journey to the Motherland

During the spring of 2006 Alicia Keys embarked on a journey to Africa that changed her life forever.…


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What the _ _ ck has Obama done so far?

Thank you to Living Legacy Member "King King" for the material found in this link...see other responces to this post found on The King's Facebook page...click on the slide below to see the entire…

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Monsters in Our Midst!

My heart sank as I heard this in the news. What the _ _ _ _ kind of nonsence is this? Have we lost our collective minds? What in the world could make any teen behave without any compassion at all toward another (fix it)? Why in a crowd of over 80 people could no one stop this madness (fix it)? I am truely at a loss here...even though this sort of voilence has become a part of life in our world. Please…


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America - He's Your President for Goodness Sake!

This article is from a Canadian magazine! A good friend sent this to me this week...…


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What can we do to help this continuing disaster?

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news,…


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One Nation Rally 10-2-10 Photos

Find more photos like this on Living Legacy Journal

A few photos for those who couldn't make it. This was a spectacularly important event. I was highly disappointed in the lack of media on-air coverage. There were plenty of news trucks but few decided to air the event on prime time news. The only journalist that gave it proper exposure was Ed Shultz of MSNBC. This is one of those events…


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It's Time! Reposition and Get A Life!

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Wyclef Jean Runs for Haitian President

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Wyclef Jean submitted the paperwork Thursday to run for president of Haiti, formally thrusting himself into what is expected to be a highly competitive race and ending years of speculation about his political ambitions.

Dozens of supporters of the hip hop artist-turned-politician…


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Where Does Racism Come From


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Architect Paul Devrouax dies

Paul Devrouax, the founding principal of Devrouax and Purnell Architects, died on Monday.

The cause of death is not yet known.…


Added by Lydell Jackson on March 27, 2010 at 9:41am — 3 Comments

7.0 Earthquake hits Haiti...thousands killed...millions affected

AP Photo/Jorge Cruz

Please send whatever you can spare to those who have been impacted by this horrible devastation. These are difficult times for us all, but they are also the times that will prove what sort of people we truly are. I know your prayers will be with the people of Haiti, but your actions will be just as important as your prayers. So as you ask for assistance from above, don't forget,… Continue

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Saving Black Farm Land (investing in our environmental capital)

This weeks Elevate the Soul Radio show was phenominal (once again). "Environmental Capital" was the subject. So often we don't feel like we have much to invest in as a legacy. Learn about the major contribution you can make toward healthier communities as we build new and support existing farm lands owned by farmers of African decent. There is so much that is being done and you can help...listen to the show and find out how. I'm excited about… Continue

Added by Lydell Jackson on December 18, 2009 at 9:00pm — 2 Comments

To See or Not to see...what is the answer?

Watch these four short but powerful slide shows on the role of "Race" in our daily lives and comment please...they are extremely thought provoking...use the link below...

PBS 4 Slide Shows on… Continue

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You and the Illusion of Race...

Join the group here at Living Legacy to explore the PBS site...

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Everyone Should here this message repeatedly!

This video is one of many great ones here on the Journal...

Find more videos like this on Living Legacy Journal

posted by David 'PHULL' Dalgleish for our viewing… Continue

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Do you have a plan for the future?

Examine this chart very carefully and comment accordingly...

A few years ago my daughter and I were sitting at the dinning table discussing her future and what we discovered spawned a whole new attitude and the chart above. She was just at the beginning of her career path, consequently we decided to put all things in perspective and talk about the possibilities. My background was in corporate communications and visual… Continue

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Emilio Williams and Guest Speaking to Our collective conscience

Emilio Williams and Guest

speaking to our collective conscience

Another fantastic conversation last night on the WETS radio. I don't want you to miss it! I listened to it this morning and I think we all can benefit from the powerful messages presented. Shannette Slaughter was simply phenomenal. I'm a new fan of hers for sure! Please comment on…

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The Official White House Web Site

If you haven't gone to this site you are missing a wealth of very well presented information. Unfortunately our news media is too absorbed with entertaining to report the news accurately and without bias. They may also be influenced by other sources that don't serve the interest of the American people at large but only a select few (extremely wealthy and powerful). I know that this site is designed to disseminate the Obama Administrations… Continue

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Living Legacy Journal is a social network designed for the diaspora. The work done to maintain this site is done by volunteers. Your donations will help keep the "Legacy" alive and well. Thank you in advance for your generosity and kind support.

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