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A Panther In Africa

The experience of a lifetime for Martie and Derrick....It is truly inspirational...Watch the full film...…


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The African Holocaust and You!

If you view no other film on this site this is the one to watch in its entirety! It is crucial to your very being...
Click on the link below:
500 Years Later...the film

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Global Slavery (it is no longer an issue of race or gender)

Whether or not we want to believe it is so, slavery is very real today. Even in the "land of the free and the home of the brave. Are we free as we say we are? Are we asleep as a nation of slaves? Are we allowing the powers at large to keep us complacent about the mental shackles that currently bind us? There are those who would keep us stripped of our abilities to live our lives as free men, women… Continue

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CHAPTER 1 - "The Stirring" Journey Of Repatriation Begins In My heart

In the mid 90's, a close friend, Lemuel Mitzs 111, and myself founded a study group, he chose to name the group "Ausar', which means, the highest state of consciouness in man and woman.

Our goal was to know ourselves, through the study of our history, which we learned was simply the missing pages of world history. At that time there were many study groups growing up all around the country, thanks to our many Mwalimu's,… Continue

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Blacks Without Borders


Take a look at the lives of some who have chosen

to make the world their home and made sacrifaces

to live a better life in South Africa...

This is a must see documentary on the possibilities and

potential for better living for those who are…

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Mis-Education 101

http://Mis-Education 101
Click on the link above to read entire article.

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Saving Lives in Darfur

How can you help? Check out the brief article and link here...


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Subject: All Black-Female Flight Crew


Our African-American women continue to demonstrate professionalism, intelligence and unlimited potential as they contribute to our overall struggle for unlimited freedom, access and opportunity in America . The sisters on Flights 5202 and 5106 (a jet owned by Atlantic Southeast Airlines) have proven that African-American women can do anything if just given a fair opportunity.

Their aviation success…

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Hurt People, Hurt People-Fade to Black

When we say “it starts in the home” what does that mean? When we say, “he has no home training” what does that mean? I agree that it all goes back to the home; however it goes much farther than the home. Our problems are systemic and reach way down into our psyche. How did our homes become so disjointed, fragmented and broken? Why are so many African American homes in disarray? What causes our children to be so apathetic?

When we say “it starts in the home” we are only dealing with the… Continue

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A Black Woman's Smile

Can someone please explain why so many white people are upset about this love poem that I have written to black women?

A Black Woman’s Smile was written because I see the need for black men to treat their women better and I wrote this to point out some reasons why they should. The response from most black women is favorable. One referred to it as “the black woman’s anthem for the 21st century.' Another attorney friend of mine suggested I 'insert it into an alarm clock' so she could… Continue

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Another year has passed and our token month is here again. What a joke. Sorry if I seem a little bitter, but this is one of the many continuing pains in my _ _ _ (like a hemorrhoid) that I have yet to rid myself of. Thirty days out of 365? Come on people, give me a break. Yet another insult on my very being. My history and the history of my people can't begin to be addressed with such a cavalier attitude about it's…

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