We cannot simply rest on spending our way out of capitalism. We cannot continue to accept financial capital as the only capital holding worth. We must begin to expand our thinking about capital and how we work to help those outside learn how to get in and those who are inside need to learn how to become effective allies and transformation specialists to help others not only get in but learn to navigate and sustain their efforts. Let us hear what you think.

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Comment by Emilio Williams on October 23, 2009 at 5:06pm
This was moved and originally posted by Erik William Kraemer on August 12, 2009

Social evolution-Memes-networks-epistemology-production of social capital-collective action-public action-material utilization.

going back
Poverty- invisible (little public action)- disassociated (sparse collective action)- low social capital production- more limited knowledge circles-networks will less usable knowledge-memes adjusted to respond to environment. social evolution.

I know you are with me here, maybe in different words-so here it is.

I'm playing with the idea that the path to other capital is social capital. tracing the process back to a stage that can be affected. recent research presents how networks of great resource are exclusive and attract those who also have great resource thereby limiting the pool of knowledge to those who already have it. The social networks of the poor tend to have less diverse knowledge and very low incentive for those with it to join. How would you feel joining a professional association without being a professional- even informal groups prevent access to low contributors.

So I traced it to the network part of the process. the Community Garden Partnership (any grass roots organization) must be observable by those not in the network and according to the research much have similar economic conditions to be effective. It will start as a one way observation of our organization until participation happens. Membership MUST be open and made clear that the culture of the network is about inclusion and shared power. The scope of the vision of our network is broad enough to include a wide range of knowledge types therefore being very effective in producing social capital, which lays the grounds for public action, collective action, and greater access to material resources. This production lasts even if one leaves the network; it becomes a part of the human.
Key here is the decision to enter the network. The network must have useful knowledge, be observable, reliable with a third party reputation, and contain enough representatives with similar economic conditions.

This is why we still have the massive poverty. Distribution of resources follows social networks and embed in structure (capitalism, favoritism). Those who are ‘helping’ are not in the same network as those being ‘helped’ even in human services. They don’t share the same pool of knowledge that may actually root it out- knowledge that only those living poverty know. Access to networks is access to structure. So this is where I’m looking and this is what I am becoming.
…will not be televised
Comment by Emilio Williams on October 23, 2009 at 4:55pm
Join Us And Share

Was it James Brown, the Godfather of soul, who asked…”how are you going to get down if you don’t get up? Get Up! Get On Up!

Increase in crime, tax evasion, stealing the nation, with no hesitation
Not even a strongly projected ouch
And each and every one of you knows, your ability to withstand and make further demands
Can never be successful, playing Monday morning quarterback, or while simply sitting on your couch

Capitalism, socialism, racism, classism, realism
Words that are strategically thrown around so bold
Yet if you ask to talk about any of the above and let the truth be told
The fear, the reluctance, apathy, and cognitive dissonance will never be addressed from on your couch or from outside the soul

Join us and share what you are doing to combat inactivity, apathy and the problems that face us at hand
While many delight and reflect on the song, “this land is your land, this land is my land”

In no way to deceive, belittle, blow the whistle or ignore you
We just believe that many are doing remarkable things to change the world
That will never broadcast through the current bought and paid for news milieu
Again, there are remarkable things that many of you do
Don’t you think we ought to be able to affirm those too?

Increase in crime, tax evasion, stealing the nation, with no hesitation
Not even a strongly projected ouch
And each and every one of you knows, your ability to withstand and make further demands
Can never be successful, playing Monday morning quarterback, or while simply sitting on your couch.

Emilio N. Williams © September 16, 2009
Comment by Emilio Williams on October 23, 2009 at 4:54pm
Reflecting On September 11, 2009

911 For Some – September 11th for Others
It’s Burger King Where You Can Have It Your Way

Eight years ago on this day
If you listen to many they would say
The horror, atrocity, the fear and disdain
That to deny the truth helps to remove the shame

With compounded ignorance and unmitigated gall
Dismissing the fact that there was NO WAY those towers would fall
Without human intervention and deliberate intention
Designed to provoke hatred and fear is us all

So while you reflect upon the conspiratorial postulations you reject
And the halfhearted neglect of the men and women you sent to protect
The freedoms and liberties you hold so dear
Please try to understand, that the foundation of the plan, was to incite in you – cold blooded fear

So as you reflect, remember and attempt to observe
I must admit that I think they got some kind of nerve
To use this day for political gain and meaningless editorial
While all you thought you were going to do was pay homage to a memorial

So through your personally developed comfort level
And the amount of capitalist crap you got to shovel
Pleas know that there is more happening than the naked eye can see
For through understanding the who, what, when, where and why is the path to justice that you might be free

But to deny the truth, refuse to ask questions and not even investigate or even try
You’ll never – ever – understand the true axis of evil through the day that you die
For if you simply buy their version of the truth and you know it to be uncouth
A sophisticated, master illusion, magic, a well constructed lie

September 11th was a terrible tragedy for more than some
As we blame it on foreign or international sources
Yet the terror we experience from those who would lead us
Continues to silence the many needed voices

Ever considered establishing justice or promoting domestic tranquility
Or is losing your jobs, homes, and life time savings, where you really want to be
So as you observe this day I hope I can convey the need to research and better comprehend
Because if you can’t stand upon the truth, where in the hell can you stand.

Emilio N. Williams © September 11, 2009


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