Carter G. Woodson, Founder of Black History Month, 1875-1950 stated; "When you control a human's thinking you do not have to worry about their actions. You do not have to tell them not to stand here or go yonder. They will find their 'proper place' and will stay in it. You do not have to send them to the back door. they will go there without being told. In fact, if there is no back door, they will cut one for their special benefit. Their education makes it necessary."

Paraphrasing a quote from Martin Luther King, "we hate each other because we fear one another. We fear one another because we don't understand one another. We don't understand one another because we are unwilling to sit down and talk to one another. We won't sit down and talk to one another out of the fear that our foolish judgments may be wrong."

My experience finds conflict showing up in one of three areas: 1) Intellectual, 2) Interpersonal, and 3) Intercultural. I think you will find that most conflicts reside in the land of intercultural.

Folks, we got to get to know one another better...beyond the exterior and the public self. Join us and comment as we strive to increase the cultural capital that it may be mobilized in a good way. I look forward to the addition of resources, links, videos and information that has been historically left out. If all you have been told about a people are the mental energy fields that have been constructed creating a glass ceiling and numerous disparity and that's what you are working with...that is where we begin.

Looking forward to the dialogue and learning more about as many cultures as possible. The journey begins with the first step.

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Comment by Emilio Williams on December 21, 2009 at 3:52pm
Ty Gray-EL is back at it again. Check out his recent work below. There is an online version.

Visit to hear one of the tracks and obtain information on how to get your full copy. -- Justice
Comment by Emilio Williams on October 23, 2009 at 4:59pm
Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I have been away for a minute or two dealing with other economic and political constraints, however, the work goes on. I have been asked to provide additional information. Thus I share a recommendation of another book with a brief quote followed by a recent piece I wrote and share. Please comment.

"Stolen Legacy: The Greek Philosophy is a Stolen Egyptian Philosophy" by George G. M. James

“The aim of the book is to establish better race relations in the world, by revealing a fundamental truth concerning the contribution of the African Continent to civilization. It must be borne in mind that the first lesson in the Humanities is to make a people aware of their contribution to civilization; and the second lesson is to teach them about other civilizations. By the dissemination of the truth about the civilization of individual peoples, a better understanding among them, and a proper appraisal of each other should follow. This notion is based upon the notion of the Great Master Mind: Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. The theft of the African legacy by the Greeks led to the erroneous world opinion that the African Continent has made no contribution to civilization, and that its people are naturally backward. This is the misrepresentation that has become the basis of race prejudice, which has affected all people of color.”

You Will Recover As You Slowly Discover

Just in case things might go amiss

Let me begin by sharing this…

Sanctified – glorified

Just if I’d

Never knew

The impacts of matricide, patricide

Homicide or genocide


I decide –--

To rectify

Present conditions not bona fide

Distinguishing between that which is denied

That certain events do coincide

That you Must! know

Won’t be denied,


It don’t make sense that …

Educational institutions and scientific endeavors

Purport a coincidence

Yet if you really, really, really think about it at all

And take some time to recall

You will recover as you slowly discover

The lies, layers, and legacies that persist

Maybe you will set aside some time –

Not to deny or resist

But to realize

That most of what they been telling and feeding you

Are mostly, c o l d b l o o d e d – lies


You say to your surprise, or

Is ignorance bliss – tis folly to be wise

If you don’t understand set out to study your histories

These so call truths concealed as hidden mysteries

Stolen by Pythagoras, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates

Further supporting your lack of contribution

Suggesting justification to your inferiorities

The roots of your origin - the pride of who you really are

While the distance and leap of learning may seem great

Just know and understand that they a’int that far

Build upon your cultural capital not the funded greed

Standing firmly with dignity that will surely bring what you need

If you are just tuning in let me end with this…

Sanctified – glorified

Just if I’d

Never knew

The impacts of matricide, patricide

Homicide or genocide


I decide

To rectify

Present conditions not bona fide

Distinguishing between that which is denied

That certain events do coincide

That you Must! know

Won’t be denied.

Emilio Williams © June 4, 2009
Comment by Emilio Williams on October 23, 2009 at 4:58pm
Building Cultural Capital

How do we expect precious freedom to ring
And have the blessed nature of peace to manifest
When the ignorance and lies are concealed and disguised
Never acknowledging your contributions – your best

For the beauty of your assets
And alllll that you have done
Continue to marginalized and denied
Yet apparently – only for some

If you investigate, reflect and explore
Truths that are substantiated – that are factual
You will make a deposit in your life journey bank
As you build your cultural capital

Please, please… understand …
and don’t take this as a lack of respect
But everybody that does not look like you
Should not be treated with neglect

Though your ignorance is bliss
And you refuse to face it
Let me be the first to tell you
That every white person you meet is not racist

Every Jew is not rich…
and every young person wanting to change
his or her community
Ain’t trying to be a snitch

Every Latino, Hispanic or Spanish person
Is not trying to take your job
And when you see a group of teens hanging out
That does not mean you will be robbed

Every Black person is not lazy,
Shiftless, sexual or dumb
And every politician is not crooked
Not all, quite a few – just some

Every match won’t light and every pit-bull won’t bite
Every Asian is not a whiz at math - just don’t believe the hype
The mental energy fields you have created
My friends… - are only stereotypes

Every person that expresses emotions
Is not angry and ready to raise a fist
Don’t be astonished by the behavior you won’t admonish
Every Russian is not a communist

Of all the heinous assertions you have created and parade
Please know real deep inside as your ignorance takes pride
Every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender person –
does not carry AIDS

You’ve made the same lies against Arabs and Muslims
And anyone from the Middle East
As fear continues to escalate
Spreading throughout everything – like dough introduced to yeast

Every football team cant win the super bowl
That’s why on that Sunday when the truth unfolds
And it may not come from your churches
…Let the truth be told

We’ve been doing it for a long, long time and one thing I think and I know you will find
Is that its all a lie, while others get by with no conscious sense or civility
While they boast your demise…and their profits continue to rise
As you are put in your place as they tout their superiority

We tend to fear what we don’t understand
and can’t comprehend that which we do not know
In our efforts to fiiiiinnnalllly see,
My challenges to each of you as you walk your path
Is to check your epistemology

As you learn about one another I think the truth you will discover
That we are all very similar and at the same time quite unique
At least that’s what cultural anthropologists, students of life, even what
the gene Nome scientists think

We all want to bring a quality of life
Where there is justice, freedom and peace
But even as much as you have disrespected me
You have done the same to all others from most to least

Get outside of your proverbial box
Open it up and you’ll begin to respond in different ways
Interacting with us differently
Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Middle Easterners, yep politicians, lawyers, women, youth and even gays

Build cultural capital - get your head out of the sand
Your life does not have to be that tasteless and bland
Its not all a roll of the dice – just add some cultural spice
And really help to heal our land

How do we expect freedom to ring
And the blessed nature of peace to manifest
When the ignorance and lies are concealed and disguised
Never acknowledging your contributions – your best.

Emilio N. Williams © 2009


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