Chris Matthews Forgot Obama Was Black

I’m not sure what his motive was, what he was trying to say or who he was even saying it to, but so-called liberal analyst for MSNBC, Chris Matthews stated that he “forgot Obama was black for one hour” after the President’s first State of the Union Address.

His statement is a clear and present indicator that racism is top-of-the-mind with the majority in this country and the notion that America is now a “post-racial society” because of Obama’s election is nothing short of ridiculous. I’m not sure if Mr. Matthews meant to applaud the President for helping him forget that he was black or thanking him for not bringing it up. I really don’t know what motivated him to say what he did. What I do know is that the statement comes from an indoctrination of white supremacy and the deep-seeded/seated belief that white is superior to black. The statement infers that he is relieved on the one hand that he was not reminded and pleased that such an hour was possible on the other. The fact that he felt the need to ‘forget’ Obama’s blackness in the first place, and then remind us of it, shines a colossal spot light on the topic.

The issue of race will never go away as long as we ignore it, or should I say pretend to ignore it. Racism’s legacy is far too powerful to be left alone and it permeates throughout American society. It is buried deep in the core of Americans, black and white; lying in the graves of slaves from Plymouth Rock to New Orleans, unrequited; lying in the vaults of those who profited from it, unrepentant. The blood of millions spilled without so much as an acknowledgement will not allow itself to go unsung. The blood itself is rising as bile through the throats of the Bush’s, the Robertson’s, the Limbaugh’s and the Matthews.’ No unrequited ghost lies dormant forever. They all rise and visit the villain. Every horror film ever made has made this clear.

So, Mr. Matthews, I’m not clear on why you felt compelled to tell us how you feel about black people. I just know that you were, just that, compelled. I’m sure you wish you could take your statement back because it has done the very opposite of what you set out to do. But let me say to you as a Black man in America, that I would much rather know how you feel about black people then have you deceiving me into thinking that you are a supporter. Clearly your own soul shouts differently through lips you can’t seem to control. I wish you would submit to open dialog on this rather then climb back under your liberal cloak claiming your sentiment was a verbal faux pas.

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Comment by Lydell Jackson on January 28, 2010 at 5:03pm
Excellent post Ty! I didn't hear first hand the comment but I am sure your thoughts are on point when it comes to how racism is at the core of the American mind set.


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