Alright, I admit it! I was trying not to weigh in on this subject, however I find it much too compelling to remain quiet. My wife and I were sitting watching the evening news (as we regularly do), waiting for the next big event to unfold. We are not conspiracy theorist, nor do we consider ourselves left wing radicals. We think we are like so many other American Citizens who have been fed up with the treatment we've received not only from our governmental officials but from big business/corporate America, wall street influenced institutions, large healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical corporations (just to name a few). We were thinking out loud and the thought came up..."Where is our Robin Hood?"

It seems that the 1.5-2% of wealthy folk in the U.S. are attempting to send this nation back to a time when there where only two classes as in 16th century England. It's really interesting that all this time we have been living in what we assumed was a social structure that allowed for individual success. We have finally awakened to a very different world. At least more of us have finally come to realize we are living in a system designed to keep us in a mode of servitude with no way out.

Years ago I sat at the dinning room table with my daughter, and we began to talk about her future in the world the way it was planned by others. On a napkin she watched me draw out a time line. From zero to 80 in 10 year increments we looked at how the world we live in already has a plan for each of us. I didn't know exactly where this was headed, however, by the time I was done we both were damned amazed at what 98% of the world as we know it has bought into (including the two of us of course).

My daughter was just at the beginning of her career path, consequently we decided to put all things in perspective and talk about the possibilities. My background was in corporate communications and visual design so I knew quite a bit about presenting facts and figures in the form of charts and graphs. As we talked I layed out on a napkin the details. The chart below is a refined and simplified version of that table top discussion.


The bottom line is there is a plan for our future that we have all bought into that was established by the system we serve. We all think it's OK until you see the systems plan written out and in a visual format. Let's just say shooting for retirement according to what the system says is not a winning situation, even if you do everything just as the system says without making any mistakes. I'm not goin' to say what I think right now about the whole plan but I will say it does not look good to me, my daughter or the rest of the 98%ers. If you don't make a plan of your own you fall into the system's plan by default. My question to you is what do you think about the chart and are you willing to do whatever it takes to find a solution? I have my answers already...what are yours?


This is an updated version of an older post I made a couple of years ago...


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Comment by Soul2verse on March 16, 2011 at 5:43pm
Good insightful piece. What's my plan?  What's the plan?  Yes this dialog and conversation is needed with our family, loved ones and community.  Where are we born, blessed, gifted and skilled to be.  There are a myriad of areas and levels for us as individuals, a people, and a nation to be developed and utilized in unity and power.
Comment by Ty Gray-EL on March 16, 2011 at 4:41pm

This is very interesting in deed. I am at first pleased at the fact that this is so well thought out and applaud you sitting down with your child concerning this. I wish I had the notion of sitting with my children to devise a plan for their sustenance and sustainability. To often black folk find themselves struggling with day-to-day survival to the point where the future is always NOW. Planning and strategizing have not been high on the rung of our activities, if you are anything like me.

This dialog is however, crucial at this stage in our overall development. It is obvious that several plans have been made for a great many of us who fail to make our own. Professor Michelle Alexander makes a compelling case for the need to make your own plans in her new book, "The New Jim Crow - Mass Incarceration In The Age of Color Blindness" 

I realize that this might not have been the direction you wanted to take this conversation but it has reminded me of the consequences of not making your own plans. We really have to wake up as a people and take care of ourselves. It is about time, and the pun is intended; it is about time we wake up and make a plan.


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