Accidentally posted as an email. My badd! Please, let the dialogue continue.

"Deception is perhaps the oldest of all the techniques by which the weak have protected themselves against the strong. A house divided against itself cannot stand. If a man continues to call a good thing bad, he will eventually lose his sense of moral distinctions. It is not possible to quarantine a certain kind of deception so that it will not affect the rest of one's life? The penalty of deception is to become a deception, with all sense of moral discrimination vitiated." It is the TRUTH that will set us not deceived. Any thoughts...?

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Comment by Emilio Williams on November 14, 2009 at 12:07pm
Typo Below Should Have Read: "Who Is Infinite" - "What Is Finite".
Comment by Emilio Williams on November 14, 2009 at 11:57am
The follow up is what they each received based upon what their requests were and how he even became the Wizzard. So my fellow Thinkers, Knowers, Doers - may we use our brains for more than a resting place for the illusions, that we might become centered in our own hearts feeling and knowing - exactly what we need the courage to do. Sustainability lies within the seeds planted.

Comment by Emilio Williams on November 14, 2009 at 11:49am
I added a video clip in the video section but hoped that we might talk more about the Mental Energy Fields that have been constructed that control everything. It is who we are, not what we are my brothers and sisters. Who is infinite - what is infinite. This, however, is impossible to be made clear or to comprehend while we are trapped in our own assumptions. Imagine the other side... - look behind the curtain...who's pulling your strings and are you ready to cut them loose?

Comment by Emilio Williams on November 10, 2009 at 2:57pm
The following comments were sent to me via email as I inadvertently placed the post in an email and not a blog. Thus, I have simply copied their comments here for your review:

Lydell Jackson: We are all surrounded by deception. The world we live in is a product of deceptions. It's origins are founded on the ability to deceive the masses and oppress all that is true. What we have accepted as realities are only illusions and deceptions that keep us from reaching an enlightened state as humans. The nature of our very existence has been manipulated so that we are confused and stuck in a mode of survival. As we struggle with an environment that promotes greed and selfish individualism. We loose sight of our need for human unity, oneness and appreciation for cultural and ethnic differences.

The deception is that uniformity somehow is synonymous with unity. Truth is, unity can exist without uniformity. A flower is made of many varying elements all unitedly reflecting the magnificence of it's creator. Each element is working in harmony with the other, benefiting from and appreciating what each brings to the other. Differences become the core and the beauty of the flowers existence. We must not continue to be deceived or fall prey to the illusions that surround us in this system built on deceit. In order to be united and at peace as a people, I agree we must begin to examine ourselves, our motives, our desires and to reveal the deceptions that presently exist. Once the deceptions are exposed by truth and real understanding they can not survive. They become like vampires in the light. The deception will die in the light!

YAA ASANTEWA - Social Engineering...the act of deception, whilst manipulating people under fraudulent creative Propaganda founded within the controlling systems of this world, i.e. Church Leaders, Politicians, School System with their false socialize pyramidal tier system, the clueless lining the bottom in their numbers. Deception is the mother of all enslavement and it holds us all in its powerful grip. I have 'learnt' that the best way to deal with life is to empty myself of whatever I was taught and then slowly replace confusion with understanding, and anger with patience etc. One can only be deceived if the foundation is laid is of another thoughts and ideas. Its good to be different as long as we are none aggressive and non racist because those are the main rulers of ignorance. Thanks for the word Brother Emilio


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