What is missing most in our society are opportunities for meaningful dialogue. We are distracted by the bombardment of superfluous "news" and what the media machine wants to condition us to that we lose sight of the bills slipping through congress, the disparities, 30,000 plus more American mothers, fathers, daughters and sons risking their lives in combat situations, poverty escalating, housing and financial crisis - you name it. We could stop the madness because the system depends on us fueling our fears. Check out the story below and offer your comments. Please feel free to use it with other groups. Share your findings so that we all may benefit. Dialogue and exchange are critical to our sustainability.

I added the full story here separate from the Bookletto make it easier to read. Feel free to use the entire file below in your work and please share how you used it and the responses received. Thank you. Here's the full story:

"Does Everybody Need To Consider"

Everybody knew deep within the recesses of their very soul that every
species was entitled to the basics in order to flourish and survive.
Everybody figured it was a no-brainer to ensure that safe shelter, food,
clean water and air was accessible to Everybody. Somebody, however, began
responding from the shadows thinking that there was no harm in one having
more than what one needed, even if Everybody was not secure.

Anybody could have spoken up because they knew that the response was the
direct opposite of what Everybody really desired. But Nobody said anything
and Somebody had more than others and Everybody ultimately paid the price
for it. Everybody started thinking negatively when Anybody could have turned
that around by simply focusing upon the positive energy that Anybody can
invoke when they are focused from within considering Everybody. Everybody
agrees that there is far too much negative energy and it is affecting how we
create, share and exist together.

Somebody has got to step up and make a stand. I know you think Nobody really
wants to but you are wrong. Everybody has a role as collectively Somebody,
Anybody and Everybody become engaged. So if you think Nobody won’t step up,
given the power of your collective minds, they probably won’t. Now, if you
think that Anybody can and will shift their thoughts into positive energy
with imagination for a future that has soul and fosters good will then they
will. Everybody can and does have a role to play as there are many fires in
the flame and many voices within the choir.

Everybody should be concerned about this because we have a lot of work to do
on issues that are pending now that impact Everybody. Nobody can fully have
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without FEAR, fear of war or the
threat of loss if Everybody, Somebody, Anybody doesn’t understand this. The
issues include but are not limited to Health Care, War, Housing, Economy,
Jobs, The Environment and Education to begin with. Peace surrounds Everybody
when Justice is found for Everybody. May we begin to learn how to respond
from an enlightened place? Now as for Me, I will tell you later how Me,
Myself and I are engaged.

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