NYPD Shamed by the power of a single man!


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Comment by Jon Vee on May 23, 2012 at 10:08pm

This takes you back to when the strength of black men was the power of our race and they were not afraid to take a stand.  He stands alone and by now he should have had so many at his back

Comment by Wes Barnard on October 18, 2011 at 1:55am


Greetings and peace, my brother. At last, a man with enough guts to stand up and shame these out-of-control killer cops. I have learned a legal remedy that causes these 'peace officers' to think twice. All of them carry a bond or insurance policy to pay for any damage they may cause us. When we are confronted by a belligerent cop, try to calmly tell him; "Sir, I accept your oath of office. As long as you stay behind your oath and the constitution, we will get along just fine. However, if you come from behind your oath or the constitution, we will have a big legal problem."


Right away, they recognize that you are aware of their oath, the constitution and their bond. If they, in any way damage, hurt, terrorize or cause you discomfort, you can file a claim against his bond via an affidavit. That affidavit must provide great detail about the encounter, explaining everything that happened. So, we need to record this information as soon after the encounter as possible. Look for witnesses who can collaborate your testimony. He then has 21 days to rebut, point by point, your accusations. If you have witnesses, audio or video tape, all the better. If he fails to rebut even one point, the bond holder must pay your claim and the 'peace officer' is out of business forever. No insurance or bonding company will touch him. 


This is our strongest weapon against these killer cops. Of course, we must remain cool, calm and collected. We must maintain our own self-respect and respect the power of this cop. But we must make sure he understands that we understand how to have him flipping hamburgers if he damages us. Perhaps, if we modify our behavior, it will encourage a modification of their behavior? Hope this helps some of our brothers and sisters in the future. 


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