The Colors of Music - Music show - June 17 @ 10pm EST

The Colors of Music - Music show - June 17 @ 10pm EST at

Franky Gaskin - Jazz guitarist, Multilingual Poet, Composer, and Author. Playing the Bass, Chords, and Melody all at the same time on the guitar and composes in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew. He is also author of the books, "The Frank Gaskin Method of Guitar Mastery" In English and Spanish, and "Polytonal Superimposition a musical science".

Bill Curtis' popular group, The Fatback Band is most known for their Top Ten R&B hits, "(Do The) Spanish Hustle", "I Like Girls", "Gotta Get My Hands on Some (Money)", and "Backstrokin'". Their 1979 single "King Tim III (Personality Jock)" is considered by many to be the first rap single. We are excited to have them with us for an interview on June 24 right here at

Hulon - First Impressions is his first CD. During a feature sneak peak of the album on WKGC-FM, J. Harley Pummill said, "when he's not making people feel better as a doctor, he's making them feel better listening to his music." Pummill goes on to add, "I love the first track on it (The Cisco Kid)."

Setra Sundahta - AKA Daughter of the Sun - Upon first listen, one might be tempted to compare Setra to Sade or India Arie because of her sultry vocals and folksy guitar strums or to Carole King for her catchy melodies and clever, magical story telling skills. But then, as one continues to listen, it becomes crystal clear why Girlistic Magazine called Setra's first CD "must have music."

Denise Kirkland - Both classy and sassy, Kirkland brings snap, crackle , pop and sizzle to the tradition of jazz, the rambunctiousness of the blues and the slickness of R&B.

Join us June 17, 2010 at 7pm PST/9pm CST/10pm EST at

To *only listen over the phone*, dial (712)432-0075 Passcode: 900080.

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Show will Debut June 14th at 9AM EST at !!
We are pleased to announce our own online radio show "The Colors of Music" hosted by Tommy Webb at! Only our members will be featured and if interested, please

email me: Tania-Maria Xavier

Please add "The Colors of Music" in subject line and thank you for attaching your music as mp3 files ASAP.

Note: Our community guidelines are still observed, so thank you for not submitting material containing profanity and/or adult/mature content.

This line up is based on how much music was submitted.
Subject to change.

Confirmed Artists

Week 1
Hulon - So Naturally
Alison Lewis - Blackbird
Joan Cartwright - Sweet Return
Ms. Taylor P. Collins - WISH I KNEW
Harry Elston - (Friends of Distinction) - Lonesome mood
Chuk Barber - (Indigo) - Geronimo

Week 2
Ava Lemert - Rhodelea
Denise Kirkland - I Wish You Would
Joan Cartwright - A Night in Tunisia
Alison Lewis - My Romance
Hulon - Sax on the beach
Harry Elston - (Friends of Distinction) - I can't get you out of my mind

Week 3
Ms. Taylor P. Collins - Wrap me up
Denise Kirkland - Everywhere But Home
Chuk Barber - Indigo - Don't Worry About a thing
Harry Elston - Friends of Distinction - Jenny wants to know
Joan Cartwright - Love Translation
Hulon - Dr. Goodfoot

Week 4
Joan Cartwright - Making love to you
Chuk Barber - Indigo - Brazilian Pipeline
Ava Lemert - Annette's Song
Chuk Barber - Indigo - Shovelin' Rock
Alison Lewis - Dindi
Hulon - So Naturally

Week 5
Onaje Allan Gumbs - People and Love
Chuk Barber - Indigo - Geronimo
Ava Lemert - Soft and Silky
Hulon - Sax on the beach
Joan Cartwright - Sweet Return
Lilla D'mone - Summer Nights

*Week 6
Lilla D'Mone - All The Way
Lilla D'Mone - Music Trance

Show will debut June 14th at 9am EST! Stop by

Thank you!

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