The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic

The Obama Deception:Why Cornel West Went Ballistic

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By Chris Hedges

The moral philosopher Cornel West, if Barack Obama’s ascent to power was a morality play, would be the voice of conscience. Rahm Emanuel, a cynical product of the Chicago political machine, would be Satan. Emanuel in the first scene of the play would dangle power, privilege, fame and money before Obama. West would warn Obama that the quality of a life is defined by its moral commitment, that his legacy will be determined by his willingness to defy the cruel assault by the corporate state and the financial elite against the poor and working men and women, and that justice must never be sacrificed on the altar of power...

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Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on May 31, 2011 at 3:57pm

Black Afrika Nationalism!!!


By Chief Elder Osiris


There Is Much More where this Come from


Keep Sharing the divine truth and Maybe, Just Maybe somebody black might Hear you.


There is no purer, no greater, no Divine of a nationalism than Afrika Nationalism, that is in the divine thought of the wordB Black Nationalism, Blackness denoting Afrika.


So make no mistake about it, anybody making claim to Nationalism and is Black and yet fall short from clearly qualifying the claim to Nationalism, is no more than an importer in the attempt to give off an indication of having an interest in the well being of Black Afrikan people, not Black American people, but Black Afrikans people in America, here by way of the middle passage.


To hell with Cornel West, now here he is voicing disappointment about and toward Obama, simple because Obama stood him up at the inauguration alter.


From day one I shared with Black people that Obama would serve to be the slickest trick yet used by the white power elites to strike the killing blow to Black people in America, throughout Afrika, and else where in the world.


Yet your fascination with white folks lies and acts of deception, over came once again as always, the Black ability to use Divine Judgment based upon Divine reasoning, and black people as usual, opt to submit to he belief, hope, and wishes that have forever caused Black people to appear to be the biggest fools on Earth.


All simply because black people want oh so much for white people to be what you want the White elites to be, which is a loving friend to black people, and that will not any time soon, to happen.


How in the hell can anyone refer to Cornel West as being the paragon of intellectualism, when he could not see the danger Obama represented to Black people?


The anger Cornel West is now showing toward Obama, is not creditable, nor is it justified, it is anger of emotion shown by Cornel toward Obama that is selfish, and is predicated upon him feeling slighted and embarrassed by Obama.


Cornel West feel double crossed after he double crossed Black people, by misleading Black people to believe that Obama was the real deal for Black people in America, and what happen, Obama blew up in Cornel face, by implying to Cornel that he is just like all of the rest of those civil rights Niggers, not worth a damn, and is meant to be used as cannon fodder.


Because you need to see and know, beloved, in the final appearance of the Divine Truth, those type niggers have no power, nor do they control anything, not even their lives, which is to be used by those who mean Black people no Divine good, which is what Obama did with Cornel West.


Black Afrika Nationalism is not available for compromise, it has no sympathy for believing civil rights hustlers and it does not matter how you might try to camouflage black afrika Nationalism, by using white folks politics, education, and religion, all are attributes of the devil strategy to deceive what once was a thoughtful Divine black Afrika Nation, not so any more.


Garvey was never fallen victim to the Civil Rights aristocracy of his day.


Garvey was a Divine True Black Afrika Nationlist and so Am I, and Divine black Afrika Nationalist does not settle for less than that which is Divinely deserving to black people, and that is why Garvey proclaimed, that Afrika is for the Black Afrikans, and that the black Afrika Nation must become reunited again.


Beloved, such is not a goal of Obama, so how in the hell can anyone claiming to be Black and Afrika nationalist, spend Time uplifting and elevating Obama, he is a pawn of the white established elites.


Obama does not control not one thing in White America, he was selected to deceive black American, because there is no black Afrikan Garveyite in America, that was deceived by the selecting of Obama as president of America.


Obama, he only serve to be a tranquilizer to black people and not a messiah revolutionary liberator of Afrika and Black Afrika people.


Beloved, the Time is compelling in demand for Divine Truth, time has no more tolerance for game playing, all for purpose to oppress, and lie and deceive black people.


So if you make claim to be Black and Afrika Nationalist, and do not Demand our Enslaved Ancestors reparation, then you are as well, is an imposter out in the shackles of the trinity of evil, it being Vane envy, ego, and jealousy, the recipe for Black people continue disaster.


Be kind to Your Self, Beloved Hoteph
Chief Elder

Comment by Ngon'e Aw on May 27, 2011 at 4:07pm
Comment by Ngon'e Aw on May 26, 2011 at 2:31pm
Comment by Ngon'e Aw on May 23, 2011 at 12:20am
Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on May 22, 2011 at 3:17pm
Dr. Cornel West:"Obama becoming puppet of Wall St Oligarchs"

Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on May 22, 2011 at 3:14pm

  Beloved Mighty warrior Lydell Jackson:


Again Beloved, thank you for you "Humble" Spirit.


I humbly receive all you shared, and thank you for doing so.


We can all learn from each other, and I too am not exempt from error as I strive consciously in this Divine Epiphany Safari in search of my Divine Utopia.


May the Divine Truth/Reality continues to tap into the sinew in the root of your/our conscious and physical strength.


May you continue to shine like the noon day sun without a cloud in the sky.




Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on May 22, 2011 at 3:00pm
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"...Obama becomes an obedient servant of the corporate elite in exchange for
the hollow trappings of authority. No one grasps this tragic descent better
than West, who did 65 campaign events for Obama, believed in the potential for
change and was encouraged by the populist rhetoric of the Obama campaign. He
now nurses, like many others who placed their faith in Obama, the anguish of
the deceived, manipulated and betrayed. He bitterly describes Obama as “a
black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate
plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is
proud of it.”

“It became very clear to me...that this was going to be a newcomer, in many
ways like Bill Clinton, who wanted to reassure the Establishment by bringing in
persons they felt comfortable with and that we were really going to get someone
who was using intermittent progressive populist language in order to justify a
centrist, neoliberalist policy that we see in the opportunism of Bill Clinton.
It was very much going to be a kind of black face of the DLC [Democratic
Leadership Council
].”  ( The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic,
Common Dreams, May 16, 2011  )

****************Featured links*************

- Youtube Video
Dr. Cornel West
: "Obama becoming puppet of Wall St Oligarchs"

- The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic, Common Dreams, May 16,
Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on May 20, 2011 at 1:24am

 Beloved Mighty warrior Lydell Jackson.


I salute and bow to the humbleness in you Brother Lydell.


Humble you are Beloved Brother, and thanks for being so.


Your humbleness is like sunshine in my mind, and I will allow my mind to feast and dine on all you shared.


Beloved when it comes to Reparations Now or whenever, when I sense one is/maybe disrespecting Reparation, it is like disrespecting the sinew in the root in the marrow in my bones, because REPARATIONS I know, is the Divine weapon and tool that will set us free.


Brother Lydell wrote: I don't know you nor do you really know me well enough to reveal what is in my spirit.


Beloved Brother Lydell, you asked to be taught, and may you humbly receive this I am sharing.

For so very long we have been conditioned to say these oppressors profane concepts and ideas of what is, and I have been guilty of doing so until I learned better.


We say, we don’t know each or, or the other do not know the other, and that is correct among the majority of our people because of our what? Divine Spiritual connection. We see and are aware of each other in the physical but not in the Spiritual selves, where we should first get to know each other first.


It is through my Divine Spiritual Journey as a Student of Divine Spirituality, Hierophant (interprets sacred mysteries) Spiritualist, MIND Therapist, I learned this and I meditate this teaching will help you and all who reads this.


As a STUDENT Hierophant (interprets sacred mysteries) Spiritualist, MIND Therapist, I have learned that we know people by the quality of their MIND thoughts, conduct, behavior and actions, for we are what we think. We learned to read people through their writings and the words they choose, in order to know their level of thinking. This I have learned we must know, not believe, know the dualities of our beings, one physical flesh, human being only duality, where only the (5) senses operates, and the Divine Spirituality (real us) duality, where we go beyond the (5) senses). Once we know the attitudinal characteristic both dualities, we will get to know people without ever laying eyes on them or being in their presence. I reveal myself in all that I write/say/do to others who are observing me. It has taken me awhile to get pass the (5) senses. Now knowing, not believing, knowing the two dualities, one profane and the other Divine, we will be able to Know who people are, because they reveal themselves in all kinds of ways, we just need to know, not believe, know and identify what we are looking and seeing in them. I had to first know me before I can know others, in or out of their presence.


Oh how I look back and saw errors of my own ways, unknowingly.


Brother Lydell wrote: Be careful not to belittle individuals who could with proper direction become worthy warriors in your battle.

You are so correct beloved brother, and the Mind level I have reached thus far reveals to me what you shared, and exactly who all there is who become worthy warriors in not your, but Our battle.


I do not know if you have a Military background. I do. I have learned how to select the right minds that are worthy warriors, and I have become a “Mother of  Divine Strategy”.


I too am not exempt from err, because I am still learning, and in the process, I know what I know, I do not know what I do not know, I (believe) nothing.


Respect Back at You Beloved Mighty warrior brother Lydell.



Comment by Lydell Jackson on May 19, 2011 at 11:37pm

My humble apologies to you my dear sister Isis,

I intended no disrespect to you or to idea of reparations...I reiterate the fact that I do want reparations for they are overdue...I guess in my personal inability to make that clear I have disrepected you or your message in some way. Honestly that was not my intent. I'm not attempting to carve out a place for us in America for the world is ours and this has certainly not been a home for my people. I assume nothing about your knowledge or it's source. I make no excuses for this nation or any other nations abuses of my people past or present. I'm not sure how what I said was interpreted as such. I regret that you translated my expressions in such a manner.

I have deep respect for you and for my dear sister Ngon'e Aw. I am ignorant of many things but I am not maliciously persuing any course that would be harmful to my people. If you believe that to be the case, then please correct me at will.

When I say I am addressing issues in my family and community I don't mean that in a political since but in a spiritual and knowledge based manner. I don't consider myself a political activist either. In fact I abhor the whole of American Politics (though I will use it where ever I can to move toward oneness for my people). Again, I'm not sure of your interpretation of my words or the motives be hind them. Maybe I should not speak at all...but I know closed mouths can not be fed.

If I have "revealed myself" then tell me what you see. If what I have revealed to you needs adjustment then by all means do just that, for I am not without error. But, be carefull of assuming that you have assesed me correctly (as I should have been more carefull with my assesment of your comments). I don't know you nor do you really know me well enough to reveal what is in my spirit. Be careful not to belittle individuals who could with proper direction become worthy warriors in your battle.

If my level of understanding is not on par with yours and you can not provide me with guidance, but only critique my failings... then I guess my journey will be longer than need be (or extermely short). Be patient dear sister for I am not your enemy! I'd much rather be your ally if at all possible.


Peace, love and Courage to all my beloved SISTERS!

Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on May 19, 2011 at 9:59pm
Beloved Mighty warrior Ngon'e Aw:

I salute and bow to all that you shared.

Thank you.

Thank you for posting the Codex Nazi Arizona lecture, a Must See by all, who desire to awaken.

Beloved Lydell:

Thank you for your reply/comments.

It is very clear based upon your statement your reply to me regarding my comments about Cornel West, that you clearly my brother, did/do not comprehend our plight and the state of our conditions in America, and not only in America, in Afrika, and the world at large.

You see my brother, my vision, coming from the Cosmic Ancient Ancestors within my conscious, the revelations I receive in my action has nothing to do with securing a place here in America.

Beloved Lydell, you assuming to much beloved, when it comes to me and what I know to be the solution to back people problem, in America, in Afrika, and in the whole world.

You revealed yourself brother, when you showed disrespect for the issue of Reparation, because it clearly show you have no understanding, and I mean no disrespect, of the issue of Reparation. I am not here to provide an excuse for this country and its allies that participated in constructing the institution of Chattel Slavery, an institution that crucified in so many ways our enslaved ancestors.

I cannot speak for you, but in my Mind my brother, there will never be an expiration date attached to that action Chattel Slavery.

Yes I focus on presenting to our people the issues of Reparations, because once understood and known the value of and the sacredness of reparations will our people become in the motion of becoming free.

I am not a community organizer in the political sense of the word. I do advocate community development in America. My soul and only avocation is freedom for the black Nation, take it or leave it.

Beloved One:

I was watching and listening to an audio back in 1986, Honorable John Henri Clark speaking about Honorable Marcus Garvey…and then some.

A sister stood up in the audience.

Sister: Honorable Clark, where can we find the Marcus Garvey Spirit…and in Who today? Is there such a person today with the Marcus Garvey Spirit, she asked?

Honorable Clarke: Marcus Garvey is a conversation. In actuality I do not see Garvey Spirit in any place, in Afrika, in the Caribbean or America . I do not see any other salvation. Either it is going to be a Garveyitte, Pan Afrikan Nationalist solution or we are going to prepare to go out of business as a people. We are to be Free or subservient people, because white people have no plans for us but for us to be subservient.

Honorable Clarke: In all the arguments about Black woman and Black man, the main point that is forgotten is, the white man have no intention to making any of you permanently comfortable within his structure as anything but subservient, any one of you. If there is going to be any peace on earth, you like it or not, you better make peace with each other.

Hon: John Henri Clark: Those who are not about our people business must be gotten rid of.

I am loving this Mighty warrior Umar mind.

Enemies that looks just like us.



Respect to Brother Lydell.

I remain Humble.

REPARATIONS NOW, or we need to prepare to go out of the Black Afrikan people business.


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