Trayvon Martin. Reparation Is The One Issue That Will Test The Will Of Black People To Become Free.

By Chief Elder Osiris


You know, after seeing and listening to Trayvon mother statement made in Washington DC, after the trumped hearing called for by the Black caucus, I could not help, based upon my political experience and community activist experience, see and hear a change in Trayvon mother voice and demeanor, which indicated to me that the flaming deceiving liberals had in fact gotten to her, which lower her influence in this black action now taking place around Trayvon Death, and we must not as I have raised, allow this action now going on by black people, to be no more than a fad and fashion statement, because justice and freedom do not ride such delusional energy waves.


So this out pouring must no longer be a civil rights action by Black people, led by the Trayvon family, this must be transformed to become a fight for freedom and justice for black people in general, which will prevent the slickers of liberalism from contaminating the Trayvon Family with antiquated civil rights ideas concerning America and justice for all Black people in America.


You can accept this I share with you or you can reject it, but the Divine truth will remain as is, and I share with you black people only that which is divinely true concerning our lives present predicament in America, and our lives do not experience justice and freedom in America and that is a Divine fact.


Justice and freedom will not come to Black people with a mind that have boarders, because your perception of justice is confined within those boarders of America, and therein is the evidence of Black folks Mental illness.


Beloved, America and the western world do not want you Black people raising the one issue that can not be defended to be right and just by those who constructed and implemented the institution of Chattel Slavery, an issue the oppressors of Black people have been successful in preventing Black people to raise with one voice, demanding Divine justice for our Enslaved Afrikan Ancestors, and not until our Enslaved Ancestors receive Justice for all that they endured, even unto death, Black people in America Diaspora will not be able to experience justice, and justice for Black people in America here without a choice, is none other than Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, thus for the Children of those Enslaved Ancestors.


So, the one and only issue qualified to bring justice and freedom to the lives of Black people, is the one issue that the oppressors of Black people have succeeded in having Black people to not be able to identify with, because of how Black people have been conditioned to believe about the experience of Chattel Slavery, which is that the Time for Chattel Slavery to be meaningful to Black people, has expired, so black people, the children of those Enslaved Ancestors have been made not to relate with meaning and emotion with our Enslaved Ancestors, which is a pity and a display of self ignorance.


Therefore, in the Mind of Black people, Reparation, which is not a civil rights issue, but is a freedom issue, which has been made not to be accepted by Black people, the children of those Enslaved Ancestors.


Black people in America with the mind we now use, which is not our original mind, we have been conditioned to look at Reparation to be a non-issue to Black people in America, here by way of the middle passage.


 As long as Black people allow ourselves to remain shame of the fact that we are children of those Black people who were Enslaved in America, by accepting the lies told to us by white folks concerning the one issue pertaining to the lives of Black people that can not be intelligently defended, then justice and freedom will continue to escape the lives of Black people.


Because justice and freedom only come to the lives of Black people through the issue of Reparation, so by we demanding Reparation for our Enslaved Ancestors, an issue that the benefactors from Chattel Slavery can not intelligently defend, claiming that such an action of Chattel Slavery to have been a justified action against our Enslaved Ancestors, make America to be guilty of a horrible barbaric crime committed against our Enslaved Ancestors, they who are entitle to the payment of Reparation, and to be taken back to their Homeland, Afrika.


We the children of our Enslaved Ancestors have an obligation to our Enslaved Ancestors, and that obligation is for the Children of those Enslave Ancestors must raise with one voice, the demand for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.


The Divine Truth, Black people been made to despise and ignore the divine truth because we now operate with want and need, and Reparation is based upon need.


 Yes beloved, we carry those Ancestors in our DNA, which have us with a responsibility to take them back home to Afrika, with Reparation in hand, and to become the next established state in Afrika, where justice and freedom has the potential of becoming a reality again, to the lives of Black folks, where in America, the black life has not such a potential of receiving justice and freedom.


Could this be the time that the Mayans Foretold to come?


Is this the Time that will bring to an end to Black people having a lack of desperation to become free, and have I not shared with you that the world start and stop in term of its despicable spirit, having it to act out against the Black life, preventing that life from being exposed to justice and freedom?


Beloved, this is the time that will try Black Folks Mind, and will determine our spirit demeanor, whether or not we will in this day and age, opt to become free, or whether it will be life living condition as usual.


 Time now place a challenge upon the Mind of Black folks today, and the challenge is freedom, or that which is the juxtaposition to freedom, captivity.


Which will it be, a dawning of a day that will bring back memories of a Divine Black life living free, or will it continue to be the day that the Black life continue to live in fear and captivity, having a Mind that does not belong to you Black people, guiding the Black life, a life fully exposed to unjustified prejudice, injustice, and needless death at the hand of those who to this day, show the Black life no respect.


So, I ask, which will it be Black people, you who are in and out of Afrika,  living a life absent of freedom, because you fail to rise to the occasion that will require for you to demand your freedom and stop declaring what you do not have, because you have not done what is required for you to do in order to experience it, a freedom that will only come with demand and work, and not with a self declaration and complacency with the black life present status quo, a life without the quality of action that will deliver to the black life its freedom.


Now that the death of Trayvon has gotten your attention and you now cry for justice for Trayvon, I am here to share with you black people, you who now cry for justice but do not know what justice for Trayvon is about.


Trayvon is without life to live anymore, so Trayvon himself is no longer in need of justice, but the death of Trayvon can deliver unto you Black people justice, that is, if you truly and really desire it, which along with it, come freedom for the Black life to experience.


So, the only way that Trayvon can be about Justice, is by Black people demanding and receiving justice, and not before, and Reparation assure to you Black people, justice and freedom.


Therefore, if you Black people who are marching and demonstrating in the name of Trayvon for justice, there can be no justice without peace, and only freedom can verify justice and peace.


Therefore, if you Black people are serious about what you are crying out for, in the name of Trayvon, then it has Trayvon to become the Mascot for Reparation, because Justice and peace, come only through freedom, and Reparation is the Divine representative of freedom for the Black Afrikan Nation, a Divine quality freedom is, which was earned by our Enslaved Ancestors.


Therefore, justice, peace, freedom, the three principles that signify a Black life experiencing independence and a sovereignty of the Black life, all which will only come to become an integral component of the Black life living by demanding and receiving our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, it being the most sacred issue that is  facing black people life today, and has been, many of the yesterdays, and will continue to be until Black people realize that Reparation serve to be to us, the ark of our Black life salvation.


So, the Time is now for black people to resurrect our Enslaved Ancestors, and to once and for all, dismantle the institution of Chattel slavery, by acknowledging the evil it has done to the Mind of the Black Afrikan Nation, thus unto Afrika, and it is in Afrika where freedom must ring true in the Mind and spirit of Black Afrikan people, in and out of Afrika, with those of us who are out of Afrika realizing that we have a Divine destiny the Black life is to reach, it being Afrika.


Beloved, only Reparation is qualified to have us black people to return back to our original selves, and the self of the Black life is the Mind, and that Mind must function Divinely, which will have you being in possession of your Divine Spirit expression, causing you Black people to be once again, Divine Black Beings and not profane Human Beings upon this Planet Earth.


Beloved, need I remind you Black people that Lucifer the Human Being, the inventor of the spirit of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice against Black people, that Lucifer the Human Being, does not want you Black people life, engaging and associating with Reparation, because he knows that Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors assure freedom for the descendants of our enslaved Ancestors and for Afrika the continent.


So, Trayvon death has propelled you Black people toward an issue that is more paramount than us all, and that issue is Reparation, the question is, are you Black people only out for pomp and show, your action serving as no more than entertainment, as you swarm around the death of Trayvon?


 Will you acknowledge Trayvon death as confirmation of the fight that is before us black people, a fight for our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation?


Beloved the issue of the Twenty First Century, of which the Mayans foretold us about, knowing the sacredness and Divinity of the Black life, and how it has been placed in isolation for thousands of years, and now, this is the time for the Black Divine Mind to rise, if the world is to be saved from the evil it perpetrate upon itself.


The time is now for Black people to organize around Reparation with a clear vision of what such a divine issue represent to black people, not based upon want, but need, an issue that the filthy white wealthy does not need you to raise and demand, but if you Black people are in desperation for your freedom and justice, then Reparation will be the issue for you to demand and rally around today and forever more until freedom become your Black life experience again.





Chief Elder


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