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Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on March 10, 2012 at 7:56pm


Never Apologize For Sharing The Divine Truth, It Demean The Accuracy Of Your Claim

By Chief Elder Osiris

The difference in telling what you believe as opposed to you sharing what you know, is what you know allow you to not be sensitive to those who criticize you for sharing what you know about, because they who criticize you for sharing what you know and you not telling what you believe, then they are those who have not the mind that would allow them to be critical Thinkers, and a mind that does not creative critical Think, is a mind that accept everything that a believing mind tell you, because there is no accountability held to the believers in life.

Why should someone who Divinely Think your way through life, be concerned about what someone say and believe about you, it is the believing mind that can not be objective about anything you have been conditioned to believe about, concerning the Divine Essence, God, the Universe, and about Life and its meaning and purpose for living.

The reason why Black Afrikan people do not experience the change needed for our way of living our life, is because Black people have been made to be excessively self deceiving, a deceit that prevent Black people from seeing the error of the way we now been made to live our life.

You must come to be able to see that there is only one life to be lived and the life black people live is based upon what other than your divine mind tell you to look for in life, and it is the looking life profane mind that have Black Afrikan people believing about a god that teach you to look but not see, to be faithful and not self assured, and to be hopeful and not certain about your life need.

It is that type of a mental condition to live by that render your life to be confined in captivity of a profane mind, so why should someone who live life based upon what you know, what you understand, and is certain about, be concerned about what the believers in life say about that which is Divinely true?

The ignorance of mind, only attack the idiot, and not the Divine wise mind

The foolish mind carry no sway over the profound reasonable mind, therefore, for the profound mind to capitulate to the foolish mind, it demean your reasonable ability to serve as the verification of accuracy in revealing that which is Divinely true.

A profane mind does not see, it just look, and the Divine truth require for you to see, in order for you to know and understand the power of its presence.

 So, as long as the Black afrikan take solace in challenging the Divine truth with what a profane mind has conditioned you to believe, and the believer would have you who share the Divine Truth, apologizing for sharing the divine truth, then the moment you who share the Divine truth submit to the believer demand to apologize, then there become no difference between the believer and the know-er of the Divine truth.

Therefore, such an apologetic spirit coming from the one who know the Divine Truth, you lose all accountability to the Divine Truth, and without that accountability, you have no self respect, and without it, you become just like the believer who got you to apologize for sharing the Divine Truth, concerning the way Black Afrikan people have been made to live life and how such ignorance have you to appear to the world.

Such an apologetic act to the believer, and by you claiming to know and not believe, that act of apology, have you to be with approval to be submissive to those who teach what to believe about life, God, and the Universal Nature of being, transforming you to be a believer, which demean your ability to display confidence in that you shared claiming to know.

Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on March 10, 2012 at 7:54pm

A Divine Mind never waver in its act to share that which is Divinely true, and the believer is always out to get you who share such a Divine Truth, to show a lack of confidence in that which is being divinely shared to be true, when in fact, the believer is incapable of knowing what is and is not divinely True, and such an act to apologize for sharing the Divine Truth about the Black Afrikan who now worship with and clang to a believing mind that know nothing about the Divine value of the black self, such an act demean the accuracy of your mental activity.

The believer know nothing, the Divine mind is in action to know and understand it all, and the believer is not worthy to be apologized to, when the Divine Truth is being shared about the character of life being lived, by the so call Black Afrikan believer.


Chief Elder







Comment by Universal Divine Being Isis on March 10, 2012 at 7:51pm

I  strongly encourage all to listen to this video in its entirety. VIDEO: Neo-colonialism. One that looks like us sitting in the enemies chair. Barack Obama, taken the side of the enemy, a classic case of neo- coloniality. Global Afrika. Presently in our conditions, we are Jokers.  Some call themselves Americans. We are Jokers.  We don’t pay attention to feeding the MIND. The Mind is messed up. The enemies focuses on our MIIND. Never Apologize For Sharing The Divine Truth, It Demean The Accuracy Of Your Claim


QUESTION. If Obama has taken the side of the enemy, then all those who lift him up, praise and worship him, have they too taken the side of the enemy, Afrikan Americans, Black Americans, and some calling themselves Americans, our Black Afrikan people I am speaking about?

Sister: Honorable Clark, where can we find the Marcus Garvey Spirit…and in Who today? Is there such a person today with the Marcus Garvey Spirit, she asked?

Honorable Clarke: Marcus Garvey is a conversation. In actuality I do not see Garvey Spirit in any place, in Afrika, in the Caribbean or America . I do not see any other salvation. Either it is going to be a Garveyitte, Pan Afrikan Nationalist solution or we are going to prepare to go out of business as a people. We are to be Free or subservient people, because white people have no plans for us but for us to be subservient.

Honorable Clarke: In all the arguments about Black woman and Black man, the main point that is forgotten is, the white man have no intention to making any of you permanently comfortable within his structure as anything but subservient, any one of you. If there is going to be any peace on earth, you like it or not, you better make peace with each other


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